Installation And Maintenance Of The European Version Of The

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Installation And Maintenance Of The European Version Of The

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at a major oiling the machine, the movable bearing. b, roller bearings. c, all gear .d, activities bearings, sliding plane.
4) Press the power configuration of the device power cord and control switches.
4) pay attention to check the wear of wear parts, pay attention to replacement of worn parts. Brace plane
With crusher industry technological innovation, for highways, railways, airport runways and other projects for building stone crushing equipment developed advanced equipment. European version of the jaw crusher machine maintenance is an extremely important regular work, it should work closely with most of the operations and maintenance, etc., should be full-time personnel on duty checks. Here's what the European version of the crusher equipment is installed in the test machine.
First, install test
6) bearing temperature rise, should immediately stop check the reason to eliminate them.
3) Note that each part of the machine is working properly.
1) bearing shoulder the entire load of the machine, so good lubrication of the bearing life of a great relationship, it directly affects the life and the operation rate of the machine, which requires the injection of lubrication Oil must be clean, seal must be good.
5) release of the active device should be out dust and other materials in order to avoid activities bearing on the chassis can not move, so as to cause a serious accident when the machine is not broken material encountered.
5) inspection is completed, the empty load test, test the Raymond Mill normal production.
Second, the maintenance of Sand Making Machine the machine
2) the newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked. Are
2) the installation raymond mill should pay attention to the main body vertical and horizontal.
1) The equipment should be installed on a level concrete foundation with anchor bolts.
7) rotating gears operate if the impact of sound should be immediately stopped and checked and eliminated.
3) After installation check all parts for loose bolts and host the doors are tight and, if requested to tighten.
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