Dryer System Processes And Major Technological Transformati

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Dryer System Processes And Major Technological Transformati

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additional grinding a dryer, supporting 0-sepa separator or combined high efficiency separator large dry-cleaning raw mill. Bituminous coal into the furnace through the pulverized coal combustion machine, hot air through a special device into the mill, and the mill material for heat exchange, dusty gas by the end of the exhaust pipe mill directly into 0-sepa separator or efficiency modular election powder, powder as an option with the wind, dust and gas from the separator through the air out of the tank pulse bag filter production separation, purification of exhaust gas, dust storage.
geographical distribution is quite extensive, national cement producers more. And most companies have a complete cement production line investment and production conditions, but there is such a phenomenon: Group engineers before necessity raw mill proposed transformation often found due to localized cold or rainy areas, as well as some areas of wet and dry seasons inside, there are investment companies will ignore the needs Vertical Roller Mill of the dryer before or because of the advanced drying technology is not enough attention, resulting in increased raw feed water, direct impact on the mill's output, coupled with poor quality if the raw material, More directly restricts the increase line yield.
present the majority of shaft kiln production line configuration of the raw mill. Leading to the mill yield Sand Making Machine and quality of raw material production can not meet waver shaft kiln, fully solve the above problems, the company concluded many years of experience on the basis of technical innovation, the development of raw material drying and grinding machine technology, and achieved good economic The transformation program are as follows:
bituminous coal injection machine into the burning furnace by combustion, with a rotor-type classifier raw mill: grinding adding a drying oven. Hot air through a special device into the mill, and the mill material for heat exchange, by the Crusher Machine end of the grinding dust and gas into the air box pulse bag filter, exhaust gas purification, powder storage, meal into the mill.
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