How Brand Ball Effect?

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How Brand Ball Effect?

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » pt 26 cze 2015 18:05

Henan mining machinery company more communication with customers to understand our lack of ball exists, the customer really needs is what kind of products, to continuously improve our mill production levels.
card magnetic separator, classifier, flotation machine, ball mill and other processing equipment large pin!
1, I produced the ball has a unique automatic power saving features, saving up to 12-20%; If you cancel the mill hydraulic coupling, energy-saving rate can be increased by 3-5%;
through our staff regularly visit our clients, customers receive the same reaction card mill can achieve the following results:
3, a ball mill starting current Sand Making Machine can be controlled under the rated current (based on actual measurements, general mill current starting time is about 7-8 times the rated current, the impact is huge, produce shrill whistle), so excellent soft-start performance of the controller. Since the mill starting current, they will not cause power fluctuations and lower voltage, eliminating the phenomenon of the trip and other electrical equipment failure caused thereby;
4, ball mill with a sound overload, overcurrent, short circuit, earth protection, equipment modification and can realize automatic control and manual / frequency and fault self-switching and other functions, and overcome the inertia caused great ball rebounded voltage, effectively ensure the Raymond Mill normal operation of equipment, so that the milling process more smoothly, noise greatly reduced;
, brand mill cost savings, long service life, reducing the annual ball high maintenance costs, parts, labor and maintenance costs. Card mill with three balanced, stable voltage quality, improve production safety; the mill floor noise greatly reduced, to achieve 5S production requirements, easy operation workers, willing to accept.
5, you can easily set the ball milling time and automatically shut down time, you can easily choose to add wear time;
6, of the construction of selected iron / iron ore processing equipment mill high rate of return. All investments of about 612 months to full recovery through electricity savings. The last total
2, mill start becomes soft start, suffered the impact of a ball Sand Making Machine mill greatly reduced, ball belt, shaft, gearbox gear life It can be improved, reducing maintenance costs, labor costs;
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