Graphite Ultrafine Grinding Technology And Equipment

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Graphite Ultrafine Grinding Technology And Equipment

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pulverized graphite have been used in two different Cone Crusher ways: chemical and mechanical methods. The so-called chemical method is to use a strong oxidizing agent to produce graphite and graphite effect of acid, then converted to graphite powder, the oxidant used sulfuric acid, potassium permanganate, nitric acid and the like. Chemical method because of high production costs, small-scale, complex process, generally less use. It is using more mechanical method. Mechanical crushing method low production cost, simple process, easy to implement large-scale production, has great advantages in ultrafine grinding of graphite. ultrafine grinding technology
thirty years of hard work in the development of the market, making the brand has been deeply embedded in the impression of mining enterprises, has accumulated tens of thousands of partners and loyal customers. Henan Group, to create maximum customer value to provide better overall solution.
graphite mainly take the dry and wet two ways. Ultrafine particles less than 1μm generally take a wet grinding process; particulates taken less than 10μm dry milling process. That dry-milling graphite punching pulverized particle shape is irregular geometry; namely graphite wet grinding mill grinding stripping, particle shape into a sheet. Flake graphite particle morphology is the basis for its electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubricity and purposes, therefore the graphite miniaturization process must ensure maximum graphite layered crystal structure is not destroyed. When a large force is applied to the graphite flake normal surface, it will show a toughness; and when Quarry Crusher cutting another force is applied parallel to the flake surface, prone to dislocation and slip between the layers, which It is flaky ground. In order to protect the graphite fine particles layered crystal structure, so consider when selecting crushing equipment crushing way to grinding, friction-based, try to avoid impact.
Graphite is a layered structure of the mineral, and therefore requires a strong graphite grind is grinding action, so that was layered peel, reduce the impact of the role of the media, because the vertical milling machine itself, the operating characteristics of the Flake graphite is very beneficial, both to protect the graphite flake, and graphite dissociation to reduce scale Sand Making Machine damage.
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