Machinery What Are The Properties Of Artificial Sand?

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Machinery What Are The Properties Of Artificial Sand?

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machinery production artificial sand all kinds of construction projects has become a major source of sand and gravel, artificial sand compared to natural sand, it has its unique character. Grasp the characteristics of sand, sand production, reasonable regulation, will be the ideal for aggregate.
1, artificial sand particles because of angular and rough surface, thus mixing the concrete workability is poor, can cause greater bleeding rate of concrete, but the artificial sand usually contains powder may partially improve the working properties of concrete.
artificial sand is sand with a special mechanical production, such as using a rod mill, you can enter quantity, concentration of slurry feed to adjust the particle size, the amount of installed rods, sticks grading and other parameters required by the project, artificially stable quality control of artificial sand, it is increasingly widely used, it has the following main features:
2, usually in the same site, the artificial sand and gravel is made from the same kind of rock, consistent thermal performance, mass concrete technical effect is Impact Crusher particularly significant.
5, the composition of the statistical results from the sand particle analysis, when sand powder Crusher Machine content of about 20%, the content of each particle of sand in the sand area substantially, while particles 0.315mm below the sand area, suggesting that artificial coarse sand ones, too few fine particles, particularly 0.63 ~ 0.315mm particle level.
3, a size-graded sand, a fineness modulus has only one gradation, while its fineness modulus and Sand Making Machine single sieve sieve margin linear relationship between the sand For one, first set up by the test relationship, as long as a single measurement of the sieve screen to quickly find the fineness modulus.
Henan to provide users with a powerful sand equipment production capacity and efficient technical support services to help customers cope with the major challenges and risks, to allow you to have more confidence and investor confidence.
4, change crusher dust content is included with the fineness modulus change and change, the smaller the fineness modulus, the higher the dust content; on the contrary, the greater the fineness modulus, lower dust content; when When the dust content of less than 17%, fineness modulus greater than 3; when the dust content greater than 20%, fineness modulus of less than 2.8.
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