How To Fix Single Roll Crusher Rollers?

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How To Fix Single Roll Crusher Rollers?

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rehabilitation program
tooth will be set up on both ends of the roller shaft two rollers, the tooth root planed sided V-groove with a carbon arc gas and fixed in the corresponding position on the rollers. Hit bottom and fill layer using J506 welding, surfacing are hammering after each Vertical Roller Mill use to the stress of treating the surface layer D856 welding, after welding to weld the whole heated to 100 degrees covered with insulation asbestos cloth slow cooling. Each finished welding a rotating roller then welded to the next row until finished welding. After
① tooth repair
tooth wear lighter parts, and hydraulic test watertight at the tooth can be directly surfacing. Severe wear or leakage of hydraulic test, the entire record of the tooth with a carbon arc cut off, and then re-create the spindle welding.
Single Roll Crusher is one of the key steel sintering equipment production, which is mainly responsible for the task Sintered cake. However, due to the harsh environment of their work, it is easy to damage the crusher, especially the roller shaft portion. Repair of rollers, can reduce production costs, improve economic efficiency. Fix rollers below in detail.
all need welding or soldering and welding parts of the implementation to meet the requirements of spindle bearings and sealing parts are machined to ensure that all parts of the assembly dimensions, and finally by drawing the technical requirements for assembly.
tooth base, filling the first electrode using J506, J506 electrodes were 380 degrees before drying, heat 1 Portable Crusher hour after using the vertical welding symmetrical surfacing, surfacing after completion of each layer with hammer hammering to deal with stress. Tooth surface layer D856 using bars, before welding electrode drying at 300 ℃ on, and incubated for 1 hour; and pre-welding parts of preheating, the preheating temperature 150 ℃, electrode diameter 4mm, welding current 200A, two individual while using a cross-dressing symmetrical welding, up from a road surfacing. After welding slow cooling immediately cover the insulation with asbestos cloth.
machining Portable Crusher assembly
using the above method for single-roll crusher roller apparatus repair, can greatly reduce repair costs, economic benefit, reduce the production costs of enterprises has a positive role in promoting.
② rollers and welding
need to clean up the oil, dust and mud, cracked pieces, rust, testing and assembly of the main parts of the work site of the shape and position size, and make a record. Means of rollers through the water pressure, pressure 15 min, leakage or seepage Check spindle and all parts of the tooth.
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