Processing of Bentonite Powder and Bentonite Raymond Mill Pr

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Processing of Bentonite Powder and Bentonite Raymond Mill Pr

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Bentonite is a clay mineral montmorillonite aqueous-based, with swelling, adhesion, adsorption, catalytic, thixotropic, suspension and cation exchange. Its bentonite ore composition (%): 35-55 smectite, kaolinite 5-15, 5-10 illite, calcite 4-8, 4-8 quartz, sericite 1-2, feldspar 1-1.5 , iron 1-5. Bentonite most commonly used process equipment is Raymond, high pressure mill, V-type mill overpressure.
Bentonite grinding process, China is currently the bentonite industry is characterized by small scale, low level of technology, because it is resource-based industry and competition is not very intense, production and sales and prices are rising year by year. Due to increased production this year will require technical support mill industry, the traditional crushing mill process has been far from meeting the market demand, the only new skilled mill production gradually refined and intelligent crushing mill process is that people demand.
Bentonite is made ore ingredients, can be used in deep processing of jaw crusher, impact crusher and mill. Its equipment is Vico Heavy After several experts absorb advanced technology research and development to create the ore processing equipment, has been successfully applied bentonite processing industry market. Bentonite Raymond mill production line process: chunks of bentonite by silo consists of vibrating feeder evenly transported to the early breaking machine that jaw crusher for early pieces, bentonite after crushing by belt conveyor to the fine that broken crusher for secondary crushing; bentonite after crushing by vibrating conveyor belt feeding sieved, screening of several different sizes, different specifications of bentonite grinding mill to meet the size requirements of bentonite by hoist it to the hopper, and then by vibrating feeder evenly to the European version of quantitative continuously fed the grinding mill indoor grinding, grinding after the bentonite powder windblown, conducted by the classifier classification. Compliance with bentonite powder fineness with the airflow through the pipe into the novel isolate powder cyclone plot device, to separate the collection. Finished bentonite powder collected through the discharge port by the delivery device into the powder warehouse, ready for use. Unqualified particles are separated by separator after Shuaixiang barrel wall, falling back after grinding mill along the tube wall. The entire system runs under negative pressure system to ensure dust does not spill site clean.
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