Removing Notes Screening Bearings

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Removing Notes Screening Bearings

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » sob 29 sie 2015 08:03

vibrating screen bearings are mainly composed of one part, or removing vibrating screen bearings may cause damage inside the bearing. Potential contaminants may enter or re-installation of the bearing error. Therefore, dismantling shaker bearing must be very careful, the axis must have the appropriate support, or disassemble strength may hurt bearings. Some summary for your reference. First, the periphery of the demolition demolition of the outer ring interference fit, prior to Quarry Crusher the housing outer circumference of the extrusion screw with a few screws, tighten the screws on one side equally. While demolition. These usually cover the screw hole blanking plugs, shaker tapered roller bearings and other separation of bearings, set up a few notches in the housing block on the shoulders, use the pad, with press demolition, or tapping the demolition. Second, the shaker with a cylindrical bore inner ring disassembly disassembly, mechanical pressure can simply pull the latest. At this point, we should pay attention to your inner bear its pullout. Large shaker bearing inner ring disassembly by hydraulic method. To oil in the hole axis by setting so easy to pull. The width of the bearing oil law raymond mill and drawing fixtures and Quarry Crusher use, demolition work. NU type, NJ type cylindrical roller bearing inner ring disassembly shaker can use induction heating method. Local heating in a short time, so that the inner expansion after drawing methods. Third, demolition demolition tapered bore bearings smaller with adapter sleeve bearings, fastening the inner cam shaft support, after the nut back several times, using the pad with a hammer and beat demolition.
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