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How To Determine The Main Parameters Of Intermittent Wet Mi

Post: sob 18 lip 2015 18:05
autor: aggregatecrushing
can be determined as mill power:
ball mill operating speed and critical speed ratio of about 0.76 has a high grinding efficiency. According to experience, can be calculated mill working speed n:, D is the inner diameter of the ball effectively.
ball mill
wet batch ball mill is a grinding equipment widely used in the ceramic industry. The device has a simple structure, reliable operation, easy operation and maintenance, mature technology advantages. In the design process of intermittent ball mill, to reasonably determine its operating parameters. This article will introduce the method of determining the main operating parameters.
Sand Making Machine material, water, ball filled
, n is the operating speed of the Sand Making Machine ball mill, D is the inner diameter of the mill effective, L is valid for the length of the ball mill is grinding bulk density.
④ mill's use of power
③ working speed
total weight of the total weight consists of two parts: the material weight, the weight of water and grinding body weight. Taking into account the release syrup and water loss during slurry storage, dispensing, filling water weight ratio of 1: 1.05, the water G = 0.5G thereof. Reclaimer, ball charging weight ratio of 1: 1.2, that G = 1.2G matter research. Therefore, the total weight of G = G + G water was + G = 2.7G matter research. the effective volume and the cylinder size
② effective volume defined as the net volume inlay good after lining. After determining the lining thickness can be determined volume of Ball Mill, and then determine the effective volume of the mill. From saving materials, appearance and overall strength All things considered, the mill length to diameter ratio is generally between 1 Sand Making Machine and 3, and the diameter of the mill has been basically formed a series, it is possible to determine the basic dimensions of Ball Mill.