Promote The Rapid Development Of High-Frequency Sieve Food

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Promote The Rapid Development Of High-Frequency Sieve Food

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high frequency vibration sieve structure: mainly by the sieve box, exciter, suspension (or supporting) devices and electric motors and other components. Electric motor through V-belt, driving the exciter spindle rotation, due to the centrifugal force of the Raymond Mill unbalanced weight of the exciter, so that vibrating screen box. Change the eccentric weight exciter, available in different amplitudes.
frequency screen appears, ball mill, magnetic separator, classifier, flotation machine has brought great convenience to our lives. For example, high-frequency screen in the food industry add style to let us enjoy the fine, soft texture, delicate food. High frequency screen silently lurking in all walks of life Quarry Crusher around us, so that our life has undergone some changes.
frequency screen play in the food processing industry a huge role type, is a high-precision powder screening machinery, and its high efficiency, easy operation, quick changer in just three minutes, fully enclosed structure, suitable for grain, sieving flour, mucus and other material will be filtered. So it is widely used all walks of life. Commonly used in chemical, abrasive, food, pollution treatment, metal and other industries. The emergence of high-frequency screen for the development of the food industry has made outstanding contributions.
For example, people often come into contact with powdered sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, milk, egg, soy sauce, juice, papaya powder, green tea powder, arrowroot flour, and potato production and reprocessing, are a lot of use to the vibration sieve. In other starchy flour or rice, it is generally the first to be screened impurity raw material weighing, followed by separation of finely ground soaked kibble embryo screening protein isolate starch dewatering centrifuge constant drying, the last is weighing packaging products. Can not imagine shaker appear before people for food reprocessing screening problems arising in the course is how to deal Sand Making Machine with. Also you can think of, then the unity of the food. After the vibrating screen appears, easily overcoming the problem of fine screening material, and thus makes the emergence of the type of food diversification, the entire food industry has been rapid development.
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