The Third Generation Of Sand Removal Procedure

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The Third Generation Of Sand Removal Procedure

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(4) Removing the motor with brushes, brush from the brush holder should be removed, to go motor, but also the position of the neutral line cook brush marks.
Cone Crusher third-generation Sand removal procedure
(3) for the motor is equipped with rolling bearings, bearing should first remove the cover, then loosen the fastening screw cap, and mark (both before and after the cover at the seams and the base housing mark should not be the same as the cover) and remove the cover fastening screw screwed into two screw holes on the motor cover specifically set, the top of the cap. Without this screw motor, you can only use the Li sub (also known as flat shovel) and the hammer cover and base of the seams, the seat cover from machine to unload. The end cap heavy lifting equipment applications Diaozhu cover, gradually removed. When
third generation of Sand routine maintenance is essential, must regularly let sand get plenty of downtime, and to regularly observe Sand internal wear, should be replaced if worn or It is repaired. Also note that in the normal course of their work Sand is absolutely not open to observe in order to avoid the risk of accidents.
(1) by removing the external wiring of the motor, and mark, for example asynchronous motors, three-phase power line should make the corresponding mark, for DC the motor, were good and field winding, armature winding and other Impact Crusher external wiring and corresponding tags. Then the foot screw loose, the motor and drive mechanically separated.
(5) when removal of the rotor, stator coils must be careful not to bruise, small weight of the rotor can be drawn by hand: heavy weight, you should be hanging out with a crane. In the first set both ends of the rotor shaft hoisting rope lifting equipment Diaozhu rotor, slowly removed, avoid damage the coil. When at one end of the shaft and then put a steel pipe, steel pipe order not to scratch the journal can continue to be gradually removed from the rotor in a thick steel-lined cardboard, to be the center of gravity has moved out of the rotor stator and the rotor shaft Xiadian a bracket and wire rope Vertical Roller Mill in the middle of the rotor, the rotor can be all out.
(2) with the tools to disassemble the motor shaft pulley or coupling, sometimes you need to add some kerosene in the gap between the pulley of the motor shaft and allowed to permeate the lubrication for easy removal. Some axle and wheel with a tight, we also need to turn rapidly heated to remove the wheel.
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