Feeder Type Big Plan To Design A Suitable Mill

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Feeder Type Big Plan To Design A Suitable Mill

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only in conjunction with the work environment, geographical location, perform feeder and feeder design, design a reasonable humane mill Crusher Machine processing equipment.
(4) scroll feeder
Second, the feeder
material into the mill, in addition to broken products, there are ball mill discharge of coarse feed (return sand). When the ball mill and classifier consisting of closed-circuit grinding system, grading machine mill discharge into fine particles and coarse two parts, fine particles are qualified products, the coarse fraction is returned with the broken material imported ball went into the ball mill grinding. In order to break into the ball mill product and returning materials, you need to install the feed end of the mill feeder.
(2) drum feeder for feeding
feeder type big plan to design a suitable mill, ball mill, a feeding device is an integral part of the mill. Materials and water (wet grinding) or air (dry grinding) through the feed device into the mill through a feeding device is discharged outside the mill. Here we talk about the mill feeder.
a feed device
coarse feed can upgrade directly through the lid hole spiral separator and into a hollow journal, and in the trough of the return sand (coarse material after classification) and the spoon After the hook head dig through the spiral separator from the barrel into the hollow journal. This approach not only to improve the production capacity of the feeder, and coarse material (crushed product) do not need to dig from the spoon, spoon thereby reducing wear. Joint feeder applicable to closed-circuit grinding process.
only position higher than the position of a ball mill process axis. Open systems Portable Crusher are generally used for grinding, the crushed product into the ball mill grinding.
(1) slip tube feeding
screw feeder screw feeder works with a drum-shaped feeder same, but the structure is different. Its working X#%$@& is: the material from the feed hopper into the spoon round, rotating spoon round the material lifting up, and then directly down by the buckets in the hollow inside of the screw shaft sleeve, put the material in the screw conveyor to the mill blades inside the machine.
material through the slide tube (or feed hopper) mill into the hollow journal located inside the conical sleeve, the rotation of the tube wall along its own slide mill Raymond Mill inside the machine. Chute section oval.
scroll feeder with a spiral-shaped spoon, when turning the material gradually slide along the inner wall of a spoon to scoop the end. Spoon on the side wall at the bottom there is a hole, the hole and the ball is hollow journal holes in the material through the hole and the side wall of the hollow journal into the ball mill.
(5) Joint feeder
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