Heating System Pulverizer Coal Combustion Rate Increase

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Heating System Pulverizer Coal Combustion Rate Increase

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As the weather gradually cools, heating throughout the country carried out the preparatory work is well underway. And in recent years due to the integration of coal resources, control of coal resources is increasingly stringent and more costly. In order to obtain a better combustion efficiency, increase boiler capacity and automation of boiler operation, the general use of modern large-scale coal combustion boiler, coal shipped from the mine to Stone Crusher be made eligible pulverized coal boiler, it is necessary to break through the initial coal clear iron to remove chips, secondary crushing, weighing and sampling, drying, grinding coal and separation steps.
heating by burning coal is generally by Mill (mill) coal is ground into fine particles of coal, according to experts, said its average particle grinding of coal in 0.05 ~ 0.01mm, in which 20 ~ 50μm (microns ) The following particle majority. Since the coal particles is small, the surface is large, it can absorb a lot of air, and has a generally solid unprecedented nature - mobility. The smaller the particle size of pulverized coal, the moisture content of the smaller, the better their mobility, but the pulverized coal particles are too small or too dry, pulverized gravity phenomenon will occur, so that the operating characteristics of the coal feeder instability, to boiler create difficulties adjusting operation running, so when burning coal to coal heating ground to the appropriate fineness.
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known that burning coal fineness important coal is to improve the properties of coal combustion, the finer coal, combustion in the furnace, the smaller the loss of incomplete combustion, and is conducive to stable combustion, but the milling system to consume more power consumption, equipment wear amount is large, on the Raymond Mill contrary, coarse pulverized although power consumption is small, but not conducive to burn and burn fuel. Thus, in the boiler plant operation, should select the appropriate mill (mill) pulverized coal fineness reduced to a certain loss of incomplete combustion and milling system power consumption.
In addition, different types of coal, the nature is different, and the coal is pulverized into pulverized coal fineness effect and the structure itself is a relationship, due to the different structures itself of its coal, coal of various strength, brittleness there are big differences, usually with grindability index indicates the degree of difficulty of the coal is ground into coal, and its significance on behalf of a special device, the relative ease of coal pulverized coal. The times and innovation and research and development, improve the efficiency of coal combustion on the strength of a variety of coal, brittle and so do the rigorous investigation and analysis, to create a series of coal grinding equipment, including high pressure medium speed mill Limestone is designed for power plants, coal heating coal research and development to build the mill, its production, fineness can be adjusted to improve coal combustion rate of the best grinding equipment.
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