Effect Of Ball Mill Grinding Process Of Filling Factor Shou

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Effect Of Ball Mill Grinding Process Of Filling Factor Shou

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ball mill grinding filling rate impact on the process should not be underestimated, ball mill and ball rotation rate determines the rate of motion of the mill Portable Crusher together with the state of the medium, also seriously affect the grinding effect. When the ball between the rate of 30-50%, with the transfer rate is increased, the ball will be spilled into the falling fall-type, productivity increased. When the transfer rate suitable for maximum productivity, critical speed when the transfer rate is 80-85%, the ball rate to take 40-45% is appropriate. High speed grinding That speed was 100-120% of the critical speed, ball rate to take about 35%. Low ball less grinding efficiency; excessive amount of ball when running inner ball and easy to produce interference and undermine the normal circulation of the ball, grinding efficiency is also reduced. Lattice-type ball mill rate of 40-45%; overflow-type ball mill rate of 35-40%. In short, on-site production of ball rate should be determined according to circumstances and requirements of ore.
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filling rate increased as the ball bearing, ball bearing slope angle increases, falling ball bearing torque increases, mill power demand increases, according to Davis and Levin et al pine theory, ball bearing filling rate up to 50% of the maximum power the mill. When the ball mill filling rate exceeds 50%, mill power began to decline, which is due to ball bearing rises too high, back to the point too high, turn the power back to the scroll ball down the barrel, so the actual needs of a wet ball mill The power down. When the ball bearing filling rate of 100% of the entire mill has actually become a roller mill, just to maintain the energy required for this rotation of the drum, so the mill power is low. If built with minerals and water mill, mill and processing power on the actual power generated differences to achieve maximum power values ​​filling down, this is due to the ore and water was added so that the ball bearing actual filling rate rise with the rules.
well-known mineral processing equipment research experts found that the ball mill filling rate of mill ore process influence should not be underestimated, it is known ball mill grinding work by a collision between the grinding balls and material to complete, so the ball inside the mill How much natural strength Grinding Mill of the grinding effect plays a decisive role.
from the physical phenomena and mechanical phenomena analysis, multi-ball ball, hit more often, large grinding area, large power consumption Mobile Crusher is also large, the grinding nature is stronger; on the contrary, the number of small ball came against a small grinding area, power consumption less, grinding effect is weak. Because the ball mill charge transfer rate filling rate and work together, so that the filling rate in the analysis of impacts can not be put aside transfer rate, only a combination of both analysis. When the ball is in the low speed, ball mill, a charge is formed in the inclined surface, the ball rose high load ramp along the ball rolling, forming spilled down motion.
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