Roll Crusher For Crushing Coal Mine Waste Rock Brought New

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Roll Crusher For Crushing Coal Mine Waste Rock Brought New

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3, transmission structure, flexible operation and reliable. Roll crushing low speed, and there is no Portable Crusher excitation source structure design, coupled with the overall box structure colleagues, so the device is running low vibration, torsion force value is small, does not require a special foundation design.
7, purchased parts standard configuration, avoiding the damaged parts can not be replaced in a timely manner to bring the passive, to ensure the reliability of equipment operation.
1, two crushing roller center distance fixed, distinctive tooth structure, even after crushing gangue size, but also by low shear and tensile breaking, resulting in less coal dust .
well known that most of the compressive strength of rock material is much higher than the shear and tensile strength. Low shear and tensile strength is due to the action of shear and tension inside rock material defects easy to produce stress concentration and cracking. Thus, the material or pulled in mutually perpendicular stress cracking. Thus, the use of shear and tensile strength to break material has higher crushing efficiency. In fact, like a broken tooth structure rotating grate, less than nesting size of particles can be directly without the need for crushing, reduce energy consumption, but also reduces Mobile Crusher wear and tear teeth.
in coal production when coal mining face gangue contains more than the specified size, to arrange the belt conveyor crushing of waste rock. Under the influence of wet coal, waste rock will block the bunker, causing error when there are security risks when production staff to handle blocking positions; the entire main stream transport coal, waste rock chunks along the device would cause serious wear and tear, and even hit deformation, shortening the repair and maintenance cycle, increase the maintenance workload. Roll crusher into use, can solve a series of problems caused by large pieces of waste rock caused by the liberation of manpower, reduce labor intensity and effort, saving material costs, improve production efficiency.
2, having the characteristics can be cleaned, do not shoot wet coal, caking coal, the moisture content of the material can normally broken at more than 30%, will not plug the discharge port. Compact
roll crusher works: The main working parts
5, micro-alloyed high manganese steel tooth, wear resistance and long service life, each can be individually removable gear sets and ease of assembly and replacement.
roll crusher Roll for two parallel installation of each tooth roller axially arranged a number of crushing teeth sets. After the material falls between the double roll crusher namely olecranon roll bite on the tooth, and gradually increase the shear and tension exerted on the material. There are material mechanics it shows that material by external force and before damage occurs, first appeared resilient deformation does not damage the material. When the deformation reaches a certain value, the material hardens, stress increases. When the stress reaches the elastic limit, began to permanent deformation, the material into plastic deformation state. When the plastic deformation limit is reached, the material began to destroy, of course, the rock material yield point is obvious points.
roll crusher structural characteristics:
4, the use of hydraulic couplings smooth start, played overload protection device PORTABLE CRUSHER to ensure safe and normal production.
6, machine height is very low, in the coal mine tunnel complex changes in the work environment.
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