Screening Test Material

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Screening Test Material

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wet joint screening is to use wet sieve pore sieve, sieve was then filtered and placed no higher than 75 ℃ in incubator drying, then weighed, according to the quality of screening samples and the sieve was weighed out mass calculated under the screen quality, and finally was dry sieving and said the quality of various size on the screen. The resulting dry sieve bottom fine sieve sieve material to be washed with a wet sieve fine soil combined. For wet sieve sieve material, if necessary, may further wet sieve and progressively filtered, dried, weighed, and shall overall filtration, dried and weighed. In the screening test during the lost material shall not make outside material into the sample, weighed to be precise-quality grain after each screening test and the quality difference between the original sample, shall not exceed the original sample mass 1% to 2.5%, otherwise the test is invalid. The basic content
in Mineral production, the material needs to be a screening test to calculate the yield. This article will be a screening test in detail. Size
screening test by screening material into large size and small screening screening large screening using non-standard screen, small screen using the standard screening; whether the press screening of the aqueous medium to promote screening It is divided into dry and wet sieve sieve. Due to the large size materials easy screening, when a sample of water and mud-containing larger amounts, can be drying, so large screening generally dry sieve. For small Portable Crusher screening, when a sample of water and clay content is small and less stringent requirements, you can use dry sieving, wet sieving or should adopt. Of course, it needs to be supplemented wet sieve dehydration and drying operation. For wet sieving it is usually a single standard screen fixed to the high-frequency electromagnetic vibrator, handheld vibrator sieve sieve into a basin.
screening time have a greater impact on the test results, a X#%$@& that is fully transparent screen sieve contain no less than the mesh size of the particles prevail, which is usually based on the degree of difficulty by screening on experience , such as small screening screening usually takes 10 ~ 30min. Measure the adequacy of screening time approach is artificial screening screening is completed and then, if under the screen, including the resulting quality is less than the sieve material quality prior artificial Jaw Crusher screening 1% is considered adequate screening time.
screening tests include sampling, screening, weighing, recording, processing, and several other aspects of the results. Representative sampling requirements, and sampling of materials to particle size, as shown in Table 1.
test results of the process is to calculate the yield. Yield grade is divided into grain yield and cumulative yield, grain yield level is the quality of the grain size of the accounting for a percentage of the total mass of the sieve material, the cumulative yield is divided into cumulative yield and cumulative yield sieve sieve. Positive total yield was higher than the yield of various size and a sieve, negative cumulative yield was less than the yield of various size and a sieve. When calculating the yield of grain size, 'is the total mass of the sieve material' may be of various size and quality, the quality of the original sample can also be used, Portable Crusher in which case the loss is added the most detailed level that was dusty when screening a. Basic screening test records and results processing as shown in Table 2.
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