Analysis Of The Current Impact Crusher Improvement Directio

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Analysis Of The Current Impact Crusher Improvement Directio

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impact crusher relatively late development in China, the 50s of last century, our country really has a crusher. Thus, China's crushing and screening equipment, mostly 50s came out. Before the 1980s, we made a limited impact crusher coal and limestone handling class of hard materials only. Until the late 1980s China has introduced KHD-type hard rock impact crusher, only to fill the gaps without high hardness crusher. But the technology behind twenty years abroad.
1924, the German first developed a single, dual-rotor two types of crusher, crusher structure was similar to the modern squirrel cage crusher, but in terms of the structure, or from the analysis works It is capable of providing the crusher. By 1942, German Andreson summed up in a squirrel cage type crusher, hammer crusher structural characteristics and working X#%$@& based on the invention of modern counter-crusher structure similar to the AP series impact crusher. This crusher because there is production more efficient and can handle more types of materials, on the form of relatively simple structure, easy to move, etc., and has been developing rapidly. Then along with the further development of the crushing and screening broken theory has improved steadily and technology R \u0026 D three broken equipment - impact crusher, which can be broken river gravel, granite and other minerals.
At present, foreign production impact crusher manufacturers more well-known American Cedar namely ids (formerly Iowa Machinery Company), Sweden Svedala, Finland Nordbe pens, France and Spain Dragon Rover, Germany Hazemag, KHD, heart upp company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and so on, and whether the domestic Henan Company Limited is one of the few foreign or domestic, and its constant innovation, better ourselves, and strive to provide 100 percent quality products, and always adhere to the quality brand, service brand. Surmount more than struggle, flexible and innovative, people are afraid of hard dedication to first-class brand forward, to revitalize national industry to make the greatest contribution.
impact crusher can be traced back to the 1850s, when the world's first jaw crusher was born in the United States, and soon after with the development of productive forces, jaw crusher crushing technology can not meet the needs of, So on the basis of the jaw crusher, it has designed a crusher, then sand with the needs of the natural sand has been unable to meet the needs of major construction, which developed the impact crusher, which Raymond Mill is the sand machine, and the first batch of Henan Corp. PCL Sand Sand is.
Now, with the development of infrastructure, of ash and slag, slag, slag, construction waste accumulation, scientific impact crusher has been widely used in the handling and processing Portable Crusher of ash and slag, slag, slag, construction waste so that turning waste into treasure, can be used to provide a waste of ash and slag, blast furnace slag, and construction waste.
Henan Company Limited impact crusher has a very broad range, from the primary crusher to sand crusher, a total of eight series, Portable Crusher nearly 100 kinds of specifications, it has a unique structure. Also Purchasing Corp. Germany advanced new rotor again sand production industry breakthrough, successfully developed a series of high-5X Sand, which is the opening of the rotor type, rear mounting plate embedded in the groove. Pads can be fixed from the side or side panel insert, fixing wedges. Pad combines the advantages of S-type pads and Q-type strike plate can be adjusted once head, and raise the utilization rate. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the mobility of the crusher has also developed a tire and crawler mobile crushing station, where the wheel type crusher more popular in America, Crawler more popular in Europe.
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