The Second Round Of Mineral Resources Planning Work Started

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The Second Round Of Mineral Resources Planning Work Started

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Land and Resources recently issued a circular requiring all localities to seriously do a second round of mineral resources planning work, in this month plan submitted to the planning, start planning all the work as soon as possible and before the end of July 2007 to complete the province The overall level of preparation of mineral resources planning. Notification of planning put forward specific demands.
third is to highlight the focus of planning. Combining the needs of the region's economic and social development around the objective of promoting coordinated regional development, careful research planning framework, to seize the key minerals, key mining propose appropriate management measures and requirements.
nine planning and implementation of safeguards management. According to the government at all levels to implement the requirements of mineral resources planning and management functions of the proposed plan to ensure the effective implementation of policies, systems, mechanisms and approaches; establish and improve the planning and implementation monitoring mechanism and responsibility assessment system; on the promotion of the implementation of planning objectives legal, administrative, comprehensive measures and other aspects of the economy and science and technology, the establishment of the planning and implementation of dynamic monitoring, assessment and management system.
is necessary to prepare the basic idea of ​​a clear plan. To improve the ability of the mineral resources to guarantee sustainable economic and social development as a fundamental objective for the protection and rational development and utilization of mineral resources, focusing on strengthening accordance exploration, scientific regulation, optimal allocation, intensive and efficient, focusing on protection, expanding opening up the idea further clarify the outstanding problems and contradictions that exist in planning, careful study how the various tasks and important part of the management of mineral resources is well reflected in the planning, administration and management to make mine work rules to follow.
six mineral resources development and utilization of the layout and structure optimization. According to the characteristics of resources and economic development needs as well as the main function of planning, research and development base to determine the mineral resources and mining economic zone to promote the advantages of mineral resources prospecting and exploitation; rational distribution in accordance with the requirements of the scientific division of planning blocks with different functions, clear area development and utilization of mineral resources within the spatial layout, size, access conditions and appropriate management measures to effectively guide a reasonable set of mining rights; implementation planning arrangements important minerals and key mining areas, low-risk mineral comprehensive planning, high Distribution of mineral risk do; for national planning mining, development of national economy of great value to mining propose appropriate management measures; according to rectify and standardize the order of mineral resources development requirements, overall planning, and promote the integration of resources to effectively address the mine's layout Reasonable and other issues; mining in accordance with the size and scale of mining reserves to adapt the requirements of the development and improvement of different types of minerals mined minimum size criteria, promote the optimization and adjustment of the structure of the mine.
Five is planning to do a good job of convergence between. Mineral resource planning to the economic and social development plan, the main functional area planning, good convergence of the overall land use planning. Notice stressed the need to guide the planning work according to the overall objectives and basic X#%$@& of planning. Specifically, we should focus on research and treatment of problem areas well 6 - Investigation evaluation and exploration of mineral resources. To 'Decision of the State Council on Strengthening Geological Work' as a guide, run separately in accordance with the public geological survey and mineral exploration business requires coordinated development of mineral resources exploration to determine the overall requirement, focusing on minerals and key exploration area for the geological Exploration Fund arrangements, crisis deep mines and prospecting and other peripherals to provide evidence. The total amount of mineral resources development and utilization regulation. According to the market in allocating resources to play a role in the scientific development of important mineral resources development and utilization of the total control targets, research to determine the encouraged, restricted and prohibited direction, put the number of the regulation of mining rights.
eight Mine Environmental Protection and Restoration. Resource development and environmental protection in accordance with the X#%$@& of harmony, by strengthening the status of the investigation mine environment, targets and measures of planning control; mine study identified key areas of environmental protection and governance arrangements for environmental PORTABLE CRUSHER management and mining wasteland key projects; distinguish new mines, mine production and mine Closure specific circumstances, propose different mine environmental protection, recovery management and wasteland policy measures.
second is to correctly handle the relationship in all aspects. To carefully analyze and properly handle the local and overall interests, resource development and environmental Impact Crusher protection, public geological survey and mineral exploration business, mineral resources development and farmland protection, planning and management in accordance with law between exploration and mining licenses issued by the relations, scientific and pragmatic way to do planning work.
It is understood that the first round of mineral resources planning is approved by IMPACT CRUSHER the State Council in 2001 promulgated the.
fourth is to enhance the planning of forward-looking and practical. A correct understanding of the status quo of mineral exploration, scientific forecasting mining developments, give full consideration to the existing management system and related regulations, focusing on planning and implementation of programs to enhance the operability.
seven conservation and utilization of mineral resources. Improve the mineral resource paid in accordance with the requirements of the system, strengthening of research resources utilization levels, strengthen X#%$@& mechanism enterprise resource consumption and utilization, improve mining comprehensive recovery; study and propose to encourage and guide enterprises to implement policies mine scale mining and intensive management measures to establish resource exploitation models for economic development and resource characteristics of the region, arrangement of circular economy demonstration projects; study and put forward its main mineral exploitation conditions were associated minerals; proposes promoting unconventional oil and gas resources, and low-grade resources policy measures and tailings, waste rock exploitation.
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