Three Points Prevent Cone Crusher Coaster

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Three Points Prevent Cone Crusher Coaster

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » ndz 26 kwie 2015 03:06

2, the production should be careful to check the bottom cone crusher, transmission bearing shell flanges, pipe and fittings for leaks, bowl-shaped bearing back tank is not clogged. And should be regularly cleaned tanks, filters, lubrication and lubrication piping components, etc., to ensure good lubrication equipment parts, to prevent runaway equipment failure.
1, when you need to install the moving cone assembly gap reasonably determine dynamic cone and bush, the spindle along the full length of the tapered sleeve contact chamber, which ensure dynamic cone axis with the body centerline In the center of the spherical bearing intersects bowl to prevent cone crusher coaster.
Second, to ensure good contact between the parts
three, to ensure good lubrication
2, also pay attention to the size of the gear meshing gap measure, to ensure a reasonable size gear backlash, when measuring eccentric weight should SAND MAKING MACHINE pinion side edge, and eccentric pinion side in contact with the large copper sleeve full length close . Generally its tip clearance between the 3.175-7.925mm, backlash in 1.27-1.778mm rooms, the eccentric bushing with the frame body clearance of about 3.2mm.
1, critical gaps taper spindle and suites of equipment operation, the gap is too small to easily cause fever axle coaster, the gap is too large will make the device have a greater impact and vibration Therefore in production to ensure that the gap between the spindle taper suite reasonable. Drogue mouth and the spindle is generally 2.74mm-3.2mm gap between the bottom of the SAND MAKING MACHINE spindle and the sleeve gap of about 7-8mm.
one, to ensure a reasonable gap between components
2, dynamic cone and a spherical bowl tile exposure will affect the stability of operation of the cone, so the bowl in production to reduce bearing wear, to ensure dynamic cone and bowl tile along the inner spherical surface of the contact circle. If it is found in the production of the tank bottom is polished, the bowl should be replaced with new tile.
device 1, if the cone crusher lubrication oil temperature is higher, will reduce oil viscosity, leading to lubricate the friction of the moving cone reduces friction torque, so moving cone spin faster. Will also affect the pressure and flow lubrication system, resulting in its not working properly. Therefore, it should be noted in the production of lubricating oil temperature is maintained at between 35-40 degrees, you can start the cooling system if necessary.
Runaway occur in production, it will seriously affect the production of, and even lead to serious damage to the device components. So small as we summarize the prevention cone crusher sand making machine coaster three points to reduce the runaway failure.
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