Us: The Quality And Development Of Steady Trade Front

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Us: The Quality And Development Of Steady Trade Front

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » pt 24 kwie 2015 18:06

quality has been a key issue has been emphasized in various industries, we are actively to provide the best quality products STONE CRUSHER to promote the company's development, the front end of a steady industry. From the PF series impact crusher to HCP / HCS series of new crusher, it is constantly improve the quality of the best witness. Here we look at a number of advantages for the new type of crusher.
The new crusher is in absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with China Vertical Roller Mill the actual situation to optimize the design, the overall structure is simple yet practical and reasonable, more humane, while the cavity bigger, better, under the same conditions, improve production efficiency.
The new crusher is a new high-efficiency crushing equipment, we will continue to improve product quality and strive to create a more satisfactory products.
fierce market competition, coupled with leading edge technology and foreign market share to bring pressure to speed up the country's survival of the fittest crusher equipment manufacturing industry, you want to survive and develop in the big trend of the competition, we must constantly update and awareness improve product quality, and create their own brand, for the market initiative.
advantage of new concrete crusher as Raymond Mill follows: 1, product versatility, two-chamber device without replacing broken parts on the basis of other, increasing the grinding frame, you can break into a three-chamber devices, thus reducing secondary investment. Quality sheet metal and wear parts, reducing wear and improve the productivity of various conditions, advanced processing equipment and technology, is the foundation of high performance devices. 2, heavy rotor, finite element stress analysis, optimization design, a more rational structure, greater moment of inertia, greater than crushing, crushing capacity, abrasion resistance. After the rotor welding process, to be done before assembly static and dynamic balance test, the rotor run more smoothly, use longer. 3, spindle forging quality finishing, while the entire shaft keyless design, using advanced expansion sets up tight connection to make more reliable equipment operation, post-maintenance easier. 4, unique hammer locking device, the tightening torque larger, more secure, easier to replace the board hammer, convenient and fast. 5, the liner standardized design, interchangeability, reducing user types and spare parts inventory, and easier to replace. 6, simple and practical locking device, a casing and the back-breaking case two tightly locked together. Such device is simple, convenient and saves time lock. 7, the unique design of the hydraulic system, both to facilitate users to easily open racks, replacement parts, but also on the back shelf nesting population adjustment. 8, back planes and ground planes to adjust the structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to damage, while easy maintenance and low cost.
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