Experts Concluded: Shaker Routine Maintenance Knowledge

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Experts Concluded: Shaker Routine Maintenance Knowledge

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » pt 24 kwie 2015 08:06

7, woven wire mesh through thick; thicker mesh
shaker in order to effectively prevent clogging, clogging reasons should take measures to address the above sieve:
1, when fine-grained material, clay content more, and smaller screen size, the moisture on the screen plugging it play a decisive role.
3, spherical particles or material on the sieve with multiple contact points;
5, Quarry Crusher the material has a fibrous material;
6, flaky particles more;
4, will occur static;
2, high moisture content of materials;
shaker during normal operation, due to various characteristics of the material, the shape will produce a variety of different forms of mesh clogging. The main reasons are the following blockage:
4, for tabular grains more material, you need to change the way the material crushed and broken in different ways with the process of granularity.
3, when the water content greater than 8%, should wet sieving.
2, when the Quarry Crusher material is greater than 5% moisture, if the material is dried unconditionally, coping screen surface, mesh for targeted selection.
8, rubber mesh, etc., hole-shaped design is unreasonable, did not reach the small great, leaving particles stuck. Because most of the material particles require screening is irregular, so sand making machine that blockage is varied reasons.
1, contains a large number of particles near the separation point;
reasonably adjust screen tension is an effective way to reduce clogging of the screen, so the screen tension reasonable support beams with a slight secondary vibration, thus effectively reducing the clogging phenomenon, which would be , the tensioning hook made Constant tension mechanism, namely the installation of the spring on the tensioning bolt.
shaker as a non-standard equipment for most vibration device users, the shaker may not be considered in any major equipment owned by the user equipment; however shaker fault frequency is higher than traditional power machinery products, because the vibration device is itself a product of the vibration destructive conduct a scientific utilization. For traditional mechanical vibrations occur for equipment failures sign means, but it is precisely through vibration vibration equipment to complete a product people need work purposes and requirements. Although the vibration industry are committed, anti-vibration device itself destructive structural design and optimization studies, but vibration equipment failure or frequently. And shaker is often arranged in the user's throat production process, once the shaker fails, it will cause the entire production system linkage parking, giving users a significant production losses. On mining, coal, metallurgy enterprises, such as the repair of the day, then suddenly stop, direct production efficiency losses ranging from hundreds of thousands, as many as hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. To avoid this from happening, the user only to keep the operating conditions shaker, to discover hidden maintenance arrangements well in advance.
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