Vertical Roller Mill Autumn Maintenance Tips

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Vertical Roller Mill Autumn Maintenance Tips

Postautor: grindplant » sob 18 kwie 2015 05:03

First of all we can all parts cleaning vertical roller mill equipment thoroughly, including the body, ring, roller, belt, gear motor, connection, its purpose is to give the Vertical Roller Mill Industrial
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The change of temperature indicates that the change of seasons, summer has finally come to an end, sough, has brought a lot of cool people, autumn is a season of harvest. In this harvest season, we can not forget the hard working people. The vertical roller mill is a hard worker and selfless; and then we can return “ ” the only way is to maintain the vertical roller mill when the seasons change.
have a general check-up, found no loopholes site. The mill is usually placed in the wild, so often by high temperature exposure, which would make the mill equipment paint more easy to fall, and because of the rain, leading to water, more fast aging mill equipment accessories, so attention should be paid to the paint work on the damaged areas of special paint. To avoid the milling machine parts mold, rust and so on, especially limestone milling machine, special attention should be paid to drying. In the fall of the rainy season, but also pay special attention to power line milling machine, waterproof measures to do a good job of mill motor junction box, then protect the mill equipment, it is the heart, so more attention should be given to complete the rainproof measures. Finally, should always check the warehouse mill seal is intact, and the timely replacement of wearing parts, to do a thorough safety reliability.
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