How To Deal With Construction Waste Recycling Waste Into Ag

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How To Deal With Construction Waste Recycling Waste Into Ag

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According to incomplete statistics data indicate that human life and annual production output of construction waste hundreds of tons, of which most of the solid material to go through various levels of construction waste disposal equipment for crushing and processing, then recovered to we need aggregate. So, how to deal with waste recycling construction waste into the aggregate? In fact, crushing and milling are the two most critical part, but Crusher Machine these two parts is the highest energy consumption processes. So it's consumption constitutes the main Vertical Roller Mill part of the building waste production costs and, therefore, the choice of construction waste grinder is very important because it accounts for sixty percent of the energy consumption of the entire production line costs more. Construction waste production line can be construction waste collection, transportation, disposal, and then after recovery, full integration of the operations. In order to make the realization of construction waste recycling rate to 95 per cent of the data. Actively introduce foreign advanced waste treatment processes, and then through independent research and development, to build recycling construction waste resource development platform, extending the construction waste recycling industry chain. How to deal with waste recycling construction waste into aggregate produce annual recycling construction waste can be processed more than four million tons of garbage production line, and has an Vertical Roller Mill annual output of three hundred thousand cubic meters of renewable materials and two million cubic meters of wall meters of renewable building materials recycling skills. Construction waste production line to make the city's construction waste truly virtuous cycle construction waste as recycled building materials. A construction garbage configured renewable resources production base, after being swallowed machine construction waste into reusable materials.
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