Reasonable And Effective Arrangement Of Stone Washing Machi

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Reasonable And Effective Arrangement Of Stone Washing Machi

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stone washing machine when we talked a little bit strange we may, but if mention sand washing machine or grader, I believe we have heard, stone washing machine and sand washing machine and grading machines, are primarily used to remove sand class impurities in the product, is widely used in many industries in the field dressing, sand, construction sites and so on. Stone washing machine is a huge body of machinery and equipment, and therefore occupies a site area is large, because of the special nature of their work, in the selection and arrangement of the production field, be sure to do the proper planning, so as to ensure the stone washing machine equipment In the production process can be safe and smooth operation. Today professional stone washing machine manufacturers experts to tell you about the rational arrangement of stone washing machine production sites need to pay attention to the eight items: 1. rational arrangement of raw materials and finished material storage areas, usually by the time period of the finished material requirement to arrange stone washing machine production, the finished product during storage to prevent pollution caused by environmental or climatic reasons; 2. reasonable layout power lines, to ensure safe use of electricity; 3. reasonable arrangement, Sheung Shui, sedimentation tanks, piping, etc. backwater, keeping production site cleaning. Especially taking into account the period of storage of the device deactivated, care, transportation and maintenance. The raw material storage hopper generally, available on request to the hopper loader ZL50 feed, feed hopper mouth width greater than three meters, feeding height, transport height, material hopper capacity varies depending on the gravity angle loaders and other circumstances, the bigger the better. 5. commonly used material handling belt conveyors, depending on the raw clay content is VERTICAL ROLLER MILL preferably provided bucket mouth throttle control device has been cleaned amount. Dust on the amount due on the raw stone quarry generally provide little attachment and small adhesion, so the cleaning process without long, clean finish 6. The key is not included with the stone water trough when offal discharge, which consists of two stone secondary pollution. 7. Finish cleaning stone is generally transported through belt conveyor to the finished material storage area or hopper stand, it is best to do the right store SAND MAKING MACHINE at the visor wash treatment or are active. 8. Either specifications stone washing machine will produce large amounts of sewage and water almost Vertical Roller Mill all the same, consider the environmental requirements are generally set back with sewage sedimentation tank, depending on the volume of production to determine the pool and X#%$@& levels, together with consideration of mechanical or manual cleaning sludge . As long as more than eight, your washing machine will be able to secure the use of stone. Finally, to remind everyone, everyone in the arrangement of stone washing machine production sites, be sure to do advance planning, arrangements should be careful when the production site layout of scientific and rational, well-organized, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the device in order to avoid some unexpected security incidents. More stone washing machine equipment, medium-sized stone washing machine price, welcome to contact: Fund Manager
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