Note Jaw Crusher Bearing Disassembly

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Note Jaw Crusher Bearing Disassembly

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bearing disassembly
3. After installing the eccentric shaft is ready to keep moving jaw does not move, followed by the installation of another flywheel, more appropriate use of three studs, one end into the three screw shaft head, then lifted the level of the flywheel, Note flywheel vertically, slowly to the decentralization of the shaft hole through which three bolts, flat key and keyway on the positive, put on a three-shaft cover bolts, plus plate, screw on the cap, press down the flywheel, Meanwhile hard percussion flywheel, the flywheel quickly installed.
2. crane lifting heavy impact with the eccentric shaft, pay attention to the operation of the flywheel, flywheel center line and the center line of the eccentric shaft to try to keep in a straight line.
1. put the eccentric shaft and bearings installed above the movable jaw, the process is more complex. To stand up moving jaw, underneath the pad with a flywheel good to a certain height off the ground, try to make the movable jaw cavity perpendicular to the horizontal axis, and then in his fire wood, so that the flame through the cavity, Heavy is recommended After moving jaw heating chamber is about 1.5 hours, and then lift the eccentric shaft, vertical fall into the cavity.
1. To protect the shaft head is not destroyed, you can create stress surface thickness of 40mm cap sleeve in the shaft head, This avoids the direct impact of the eccentric shaft and flywheel shaft end damage. When
3. impact position to select the appropriate bearing, SAND MAKING MACHINE the bearing cavity Hubei first start off, if the axis offset, looking to continue after being hit, until all leave the movable jaw cavity.
bearing installation precautions
2. To ensure accurate bearings installed in place, install the bearing seals, cover and retainer in advance of the end of the shaft lifting the head, and then loaded on an external bearing, Stone Crusher Machine thus, end caps and bearings installed.
order to ensure the normal operation of Sand Making Machine jaw crusher, not only bearing manufacturing quality and manufacturing techniques require strict control, and installation and removal should be strictly in accordance with the instructions. Specifically, the jaw crusher bearing disassembly, note the following: Note
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