Jaw Crusher Blocking Material Causes

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Jaw Crusher Blocking Material Causes

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Vertical Roller Mill 5. If the hardness and compressive strength of the material exceeds the specification requirements, such as iron, etc., into the crushing chamber, jaw crusher can not be broken, it will cause foreign body stuck in the crushing cavity, it appears failure does not work.
eccentric shaft eccentric shaft is an important part of the jaw crusher, it requires constant rotation only Broken parts can make plays crushing effect. When the eccentric shaft adapter bushing is loose, it will cause the eccentric shaft stuck, can no longer rotate, resulting in jaw crusher work stopped, can not be discharged into the material, causing the blocking material phenomenon.
crusher production process, due to the slow speed of the material discharge or discharge port congestion, are likely to cause jaw crusher discharge barrier materials. So there is plenty of material to plug in the crushing cavity, so that the work had to stop the crusher. production process
jaw crusher motor is required to be able to work a certain voltage normal, if the voltage is unstable or too low, although the motor can rotate, but not enough to crush the power it generates the material in the crushing chamber. At this time, there will be a large number of materials in the crushing cavity blockage affecting production.
Vertical Roller Mill 2. voltage instability or low
jaw crusher phenomenon of blocking material event, you need to clean up all the crushing cavity material can continue to turn out, time-consuming and laborious. After understanding the reasons causing blocking material, we will be able to take measures at the source, in the production process to avoid this phenomenon.
4. V-belt tension degree
improper jaw crusher is powered by the V-belt pulleys and then transferred to crush stone. When the triangle situation will cause the belt to slip loose, with the drive sheave rotation instead of the sheave. Material can not be subject to normal crushing force, can not be crushed in the crushing cavity, thereby blocking material phenomena occur. foreign matter into
3. nesting population Portable Crusher improperly adjusted
work appears in blocking material phenomenon will affect the normal operation of jaw crusher, reducing its production efficiency, the user needs for different causes blocking material to take appropriate precautionary measures. Heavy for this phenomenon were studied and analyzed, summed up several reasons jaw crusher blocking material is as follows:
1. stuck
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