Construction Waste Mobile Device Help Southwest Regional De

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Construction Waste Mobile Device Help Southwest Regional De

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Yesterday, the company factory park a mobile construction waste disposal equipment, the product has been installed wait for delivery. Before selling mobile crushing plant, construction waste disposal equipment, have been sent to the Southwest, and product quality of customers in mid-October. This is the company to operate independently from where the idea has always insisted the company \u0026 ldquo; to quality, customer first \u0026 rdquo; philosophy, in the market to win customers praise. Gold silver cup as the customer's reputation, sales of mining machinery equipment industry has left a good image in the minds of many customers, the successful signing of several construction waste mobile devices proves the customer's reliability. According to the service manager of the trip learned that China's annual output of garbage Crusher Machine about 6 billion tons of urban design, the construction of which is about 2.4 billion Vertical Roller Mill tons of garbage, has accounted for 40% of the total X#%$@& solid waste. Construction activities consume 40 percent of the human use of natural resources in total, 40% of the total energy saving potential of up to 40%. According to statistics, every construction waste recycling 10,000 tons, 41,200 tons can save natural resources, energy saving 14,000 tons of standard coal, reducing the amount of garbage 6-10 ten thousand tons; such as by construction units per 100 million construction meter building will produce 500 tons of construction waste calculation, economic utilization of more than 20,000 yuan; if Sinotrans, shipping only reached 1 million yuan (conversion unit load of 5 tons / car, the average cost of a car transport / 100 yuan). Thus estimates, construction waste recycling has considerable economic, environmental and social benefits. Therefore, a huge number of construction waste is a valuable renewable resource, has broad application prospects and market demand, will have a huge economic benefits and to promote a virtuous cycle of ecological environment. Construction waste recycling is not only cost savings, Stone Crusher Machine Introduction environmental protection plays an important role in the amount of waste building construction waste mobile crushing plant processing 1,000 tons per day, half of all companies by nearby brick unburned material as the rest of the concrete As a X#%$@& road aggregate water stability layer material. Price than other conventional building materials cheap, popular market welcomed. Based on current production and sales situation, government has decided to invest 10 million yuan to build a fixed waste disposal stations, the daily processing capacity can reach 2,000 tons, more than 70 million tons of construction waste handling. Construction waste disposal equipment company implemented ICCE valuable renewable resources; in the near future should be a new sunrise country's pillar industries.
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