Energy Saving Vertical Roller Mill in Preferred Ore Dressing

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Energy Saving Vertical Roller Mill in Preferred Ore Dressing

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The high quality vertical roller Mill not only can finish the grinding tasks, and the ground material can accurately meet the production requirements to save a lot of troublesome processing links. As an important part of mineral processing equipment, vertical roller Mill includes lattice type and overflow type vertical roller Mill. Regardless of the type of vertical roller Mill, it undertakes the critical mission of ore grinding, which are widely used in mining, construction and chemical industries. It is the basis for the equipment to support the development of the national economy. Therefore, the mineral processing equipment manufacturing enterprises must be actively committed to technological innovation, so as to develop a new type of vertical roller Mill which is more efficient.
The energy saving vertical roller mill Application is greatly ahead of traditional vertical roller Mill in the energy-saving aspects. Therefore, the requirement on the technology and production of energy-saving vertical roller Mill are more stringent. At present, the domestic small enterprises have developed the energy-saving vertical roller Mill in accordance with the standard. Fote Machinery is a step ahead in the R & D and manufacturing of energy-saving vertical roller Mill. Energy saving vertical roller Mill is the flagship product of our company, Fote energy-saving vertical roller Mill can greatly reduce the electric power, water and oil to achieve 20% comprehensive energy-saving effect. The advanced technology saves a lot of maintenance cost in later period. Energy saving vertical roller Mill has been fully approved by customers with its wide applications, long service life, and amazing performance.

Energy saving vertical roller Mill is a new generation of vertical roller Mill, which has become the first choice of grinding equipment with its energy saving property. Compared with the traditional vertical roller Mill, the energy-saving effect of energy-saving vertical roller mill equipment is embodied in five aspects: the first one is the low power consumption, it can run smoothly under low current, the energy saving rate can reach 20% to 30% of the normal work;
the second one is the low oil consumption, with the regular lubrication, it can effectively reduce the friction coefficient during the mechanical operation, the oil saving capacity can reach 80% to 90%; third one is the high yield, through the improvement of internal structure, it can make full use of the remaining capacity of a motor to achieve 5% to 7% yield; the fourth is the high working efficiency, it can reduce the production problems such as the shutdown caused by the high temperature of the bearing in the operation process, its working efficiency is much higher than the ordinary vertical roller Mill. Finally, the energy saving vertical roller Mill is more durable, the longest service life can reach up to13 years. Thus, energy saving vertical roller Mill has incomparable energy saving effect, which is undisputedly the preferred ore dressing equipment.
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