Cleaning Method Jaw Crusher Parts

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Cleaning Method Jaw Crusher Parts

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1. scrub. The jaw crusher parts into with diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluid container with cotton scrub with a brush or scrub. This method is simple, simple device, but low efficiency, suitable for single and small batch of small parts. Under normal circumstances should not use gasoline, because there is lipid soluble, can damage human health and could easily lead to a fire.
2. vibration cleaning. Will be cleaned jaw crusher parts on vibrating washing machine washing basket or cleaning the shelves, and immersed in the cleaning solution through the washing machine vibration, motion simulation and artificial bleach rinse the cleaning solution to remove oil chemistry.
mechanical cleaning
3. ultrasonic cleaning. China Vertical Roller Mill By chemical action of the cleaning fluid introduced into the cleaning solution and an ultrasonic oscillation work together to remove the oil.
manual SAND MAKING MACHINE cleaning
1. Vertical Roller Mill boiling water. The configured solution and cleaned with steel parts welded together into appropriately sized pool cleaning, use a stove next to the pool heated to 80 ~ 90 ℃, 3 ~ 5min to wash and cook.
in daily use, jaw crusher inevitably stained with oil and impurities, these oil and impurities normally provided by unsaponifiable oil and dust, impurities and the like. These oil impurities is not the same, so choose the right cleaning solution (organic solvents, alkaline solutions and chemical cleaning solution, etc.). Then cleaning work, cleaning method jaw crusher can be divided into two parts (manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning).
2. spray. The cleaning solution with a certain pressure and temperature is injected into the part surface to remove oil. Heavy think this method cleaning effect, high production efficiency, but the equipment is complex, less complex shapes suitable for cleaning the surface with serious grease parts.
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