What Distinction Of Hpc And Hcs Series Cone Crusher

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What Distinction Of Hpc And Hcs Series Cone Crusher

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In the structure, the upper shell and the rear shell are also completely does not have what difference, but the only difference is that the front shell machine. The so-called front shell
On the plus A without A: we illustrate the model with HCP255 as an example, HCP255A refers to the hydraulic without grinding cavity crusher, HCP255A refers to the hydraulic belt grinding cavity cs cone crusher. Similarly HCS series models also is such.
In fact, HPC series and HCS crusher machine, their appearance is basically the same. With HCS and HPC series cone crusher are used in wear-resistant plate, is made of wear-resistant materials produced, more capable than ordinary steel plate
SBM machinery recently launched the new crusher, which is HPC series and HCS cone crusher, then what are the differences between these two products? Small make up with this question to consult the technical personnel of the company.
If you had to buy is HPC series models, but want to crushing function for grinding HCS series. So, you do not need to buy a new machine, only need to purchase a grinding cavity accessories can be, because the machine structure X#%$@& of two types of exactly the same, only different is the problem of grinding chamber, which to some extent also saves two investment.
Theoretically speaking, HPC series and HCS series products are crushing machine belongs to the European star edition. HPC series cone crusher is mainly used for the primary crusher, counterattack broken than traditional feeding large, crushing. While HCS is used for two broken, it is usually followed by jaw crusher with.
hpc cone crusher, is its feeding from different perspectives, but also caused the equipment broken than size is not the same.
The above is about the HPC series of counter machine and HCS series of crushing product what is the difference, if any problem, please consult the website online expert.
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