Rotary Measuring System Includes Items Which Measure?

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Rotary Measuring System Includes Items Which Measure?

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(2) measurements cylinder Sand Making Machine barrel
slope gradient measurement refers only to care for each degree of tilt wheel itself, according to the idler gradient measurements, you can determine the extent of the supporting wheel tilt cylinder in the current state of affect the size of their cause, and decide whether to adjust exposure idler roller and collared. Roller is often used to measure the slope of the two shaft center hole communicating pipe measuring the relative elevation difference between the idler, while measuring the length of the axle bracket, you can calculate the slope of the idler.
yaw yaw measurement can reflect the straightness from one side of the rotary kiln, visualize the deformation of the cylinder. Generally arranged by first measuring point, set the measurement frame, measuring cylinder with a steel ruler to measure distance from the baseline of the bracket. Due to thermal deformation cylinder deflection greater impact, so stop the kiln process, if not insist slow turn turn kiln, will easily result in excessive deformation of the cylinder, so that the distortion of the measurement results.
(3) tip SAND MAKING MACHINE clearance measurements
idler position
(1) refers to the location of the idler gear every two idler gear relative to the cylinder centerline theory. When measuring only need to find out now riding wheel centerline distance measure next line, you can know whether the change in the original location and the amount of change.
(4) Roller Roller
kiln rely gear running, thus ensuring a prerequisite for proper tip clearance is running smoothly. Tip clearance measurements are generally divided into eight equal parts to the Crusher Machine ring, and then slowly rotating kiln, Everywhere, tip clearance measurement method using pressure lead.
purpose rotary kiln system is to measure the status of the kiln analysis to identify the causes of instability in the kiln operation or transmission anomalies, providing technical and scientific data to correctly adjust the kiln support device. Rotary measuring system includes a collar elevation, cylinder deflection measured tip clearance, roller position, roller pitch and pad clearance, etc., and sometimes also include measurement of stalls and stalls circle section head plate gap. By measuring, can accurately determine the actual state of the kiln body, and comparing with the theoretical state, in order to make adjustment programs. This article will focus on four measurement items. Measuring
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