Cash Crusher Technology Development in China'S Bumpy Road

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Cash Crusher Technology Development in China'S Bumpy Road

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since the first crusher produced, beginning only in the mining and quarry mining is widely used, then slowly expanded to chemical
? And there are certain stories. A 60-year-old technician tells us that as early as 10 years ago, those engaged in the production and sale of crusher companies are rich, and at that time this area inside the crusher manufacturers is still very rare, this manufacturing technique originally from spread abroad in China. Talking about the history of the crusher, smart businessman spent heavily to let technicians and workshop director will be bought together with the dismantling of the crusher, and then draw a similar diagram according to the size of the machine and into the needs of the Chinese market and design a practical type of crusher.
purchase process. Allow customers to buy desirable products. Holds integrity, friendship and cooperation concept for our customers want at every step. (Source:
heavy machinery in the continuous development and progress, the establishment of a series of service system and Quarry Crusher do their utmost for the customer to create a convenient, fast, high efficiency
cone Portable Crusher crusher)
, equipment purchases abroad through their own research and improvement, not only the Chinese have their own brand of broken equipment, has gradually caught up with the international advanced level. Technology Co., Ltd. Henan Road Bridge project continues the strong customer demand for the issue of innovation and improvement of equipment, and often with Europe and other developed countries, international technical exchanges, crusher industry has been gradually moving towards the international front!
first crusher is how to enter the Chinese, this is a very real and very legendary development of Raymond Mill the industry, it is how to enter the Chinese
crusher in China has 10 years of history, the past is in the state of domestic devices are behind the international level. But Chinese people are smart
, metallurgy, coal and other industries. Henan is the domestic production of the crusher area earlier, in 2000, when some companies began marketing their products on the web, and build their own brand of corporate Web site, the main display of jaw crusher, hammer crusher and other crushing machinery, people did not think that this opportunity, even so many owners make a lot of money, it is understood at that time all businesses build websites, basically the development has already had several plants. Later, other manufacturers with the industry to see this happen, they have surrounded them, in just two years mining machinery everywhere on the site.
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