Zhengzhou Crusher

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Zhengzhou Crusher

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2. material: the impact crusher before the material contained in the more fine sand making more impact, because these fines easy adhesion of transport. So much for the fines content of the material should advance once sieve. The fine selection from the material as much as possible out, so as not to affect the normal operation of impact sand making machine. fineness
4. High chrome hammer, unique back liner, especially for hard rock crushing, energy efficient;
9. Hydraulic open, easy maintenance and replacement of wearing pieces.
Vertical Roller Mill 3. new wear-resistant materials to make the plate hammer, counter board and liner longer life;
Zhengzhou crusher - back-breaking price
general, the impact of back-breaking production capacity of many factors, generally speaking there are five aspects of such factors, I will be described below, and propose appropriate solutions to these five aspects of the factors.
back-breaking performance
5. material: the large water containing material, the material is easy to adhere to the impact sand making machine content, but also easy to process the next conveyor clogging, causing sand making capacity is reduced. To solve this problem, when the first material necessary to strictly control the humidity of the selected materials, the selected materials if the humidity is too large, may be used sunlight or air-dried, etc. to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.
2. low big feed, to facilitate the production line layout and increasing feed size;
impact crusher, also known as back-breaking, large capacity, the material strength is small, the price is reasonable. Stone from the machine directly into the upper part of the high-speed rotating turntable; the role of the high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part of the Umbrella way shunt produce high-speed collision with a high density of crushed stone fly around the turntable, stone in the fight against each other, will caused by repeatedly hit each other, friction, grinding, straight from the lower discharge between the turntable and chassis form a vortex motion. Forming a closed loop several times, controlled by screening equipment to reach the required size.
5. hard rock crushing, JAW CRUSHER energy efficient;
4. Material: i.e. viscosity materials, the more easily adhered. The viscosity of the material in the impact crusher will adhere to the inner wall of the cavity made of sand, if not in time to clean up, will affect the efficiency impact sand making machine, serious cases may affect the normal operation of impact sand making machine . So, the choice of materials, they must pay attention to the viscosity of the material is too difficult. Humidity
1. material hardness: the harder the material made up of sand more difficult and more serious wear and tear on equipment. Sand slow speed, low capacity. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some of the material on the choice.
8. simplified crushing process;
7. cubic shape, particle size adjustable VERTICAL ROLLER MILL discharge;
3. Impact crusher after material: fineness requirements, which requires the system out of the material finer sand, sand is made smaller capacity. Specific requirements in this regard should be, if no special requirements, the general will set the fineness of the material can be made for the fine. Viscosity
1. three chambers evenly broken, suitable crushing hard rock;
6. entire board structure allows both discharge even showed a small particle size and cube-shaped, no internal grain;
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