Troubleshooting And Prevention Sand

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Troubleshooting And Prevention Sand

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Sand mining production process is common devices, depending on the site and the specific processes, Sand model used is also different, Sand expert group after years of statistical analysis, Sand field failure cases have shown a common feature, that is, for a Sand symptoms, should be run according to the actual situation, take different measures for different faults. 1. Sand with a gearbox failure and treatment methods that may occur (1) does not sound normal running gear: gear bad; gears badly worn or broken teeth; severe bearing wear or damage; tooth surface has adhesive material; cabinets with debris; bearing clearance too. Treatment: adjust gear case; replacement gears and bearings; put the oil cleanup and carefully check the box; adjust the bearing clearance. (2) high temperature reducer: lubricating oil is not clean; unqualified lubricating gypsum block production line oil; oiling too much; poor cooling conditions. Treatment: clean and re-oil change; bleed off excess oil; reducer box to clear float coal debris on the impact of heat. 2, Failures and Sand motor may occur (1) motor does not start: Power is not turned on, winding circuit; winding grounded winding connection error or phase short circuit; control equipment wiring errors, melt blown. Solution: Check the switch, the melt, the contact point and the motor lead head; the breaking part of the heating insulation level to allow the temperature to soften the paint, then stir up the line, with the same size line will cut off part of the welding, the wrap insulation, and then painting, drying; melt cross-sectional area is too small, the correct choice of the melt; correct wiring, raised the rating of the load; single-phase diamond washing plant in brazil motor starting, check the power o (2) after the motor is not energized start, buzzing: the motor load is too large or card; not all the power is turned on; the voltage is too low. Solution: Check equipment, troubleshooting; pick fault with a break or leave a multimeter to check the power cord, and then repair; power line voltage drop caused by too much when the voltage is too low, should be replaced by a thick cable lines. (3) the motor housing charged: motor winding damp insulation is aging; pinout and grounded junction box. Treatment: motor drying, aging of insulation to be updated; bandage or update lead insulation, repair junction box. 3. Sand PLC electrical control partially correct operation and troubleshooting 3.1 electrically failure (1) Motor overload pre-alarm: thermal overload relays jump. (2) motor circuit protection: breaker tripping. (3) failure alarm: contact the pull and did not pull; in automatic or centralized control state is not installed proximity switch (or proximity switch is bad). (4) the brute vibrating feeder with two motors stall warning: do not turn the gear blocked (the head of the proximity switch does not send a signal), the parking, the need to manually handle the matter o 3.2 Sand in the installation process need to pay attention to (1) control cabinet External proximity switches + 24V dc input signal line should be kept away from the high-voltage, high current main circuit, the use of shielded cables and ground if necessary. (2) ground terminal FG PLC must adopt a third grounding resistance is less than 100fl, together with the power must not be grounded. (3) control cabinet enclosure should be protective grounding resistance of less than 4 ohms; two motors rotate in opposite directions. (4) the proximity switch: Adjustment in 4 \u0026 mdash; 7mm; after power was observed before the switch near the tail lights and then tighten the fixing ring 1-2. Using electric NPN type, the power supply voltage is 6 ~ 30VDC, general adjustment in the nominal distance is less than the operating buttons 1 ~ 4raino (5) electronic control part is usually set and control relay: SA1: emergency stop button; SA2: PC Power Switch ; SA3: switch (manual, centralized control, automatic); SBl: Forward button; SB2: reverse button; SB3: lubrication pump start / stop button (press the start / stop press). Manual, centralized control, automatic conversion must go through three ways \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;. Emergency KM5: control and power indicator lights PC power; KM4: centralized control return signal (from D, E-ended output signal 220V power supply).
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