Raw Material Vertical Mill Rollers And Disc Installation Re

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Raw Material Vertical Mill Rollers And Disc Installation Re

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » pn 02 lut 2015 08:08

vertical mill, including separators, roller device, disc device, part of the pressure equipment, gear, motor, housing and so on. Separator is an important component of the decision mill product fineness, which consists of adjustable speed drives, the rotor, the guide blades, housing, meal blanking cone hopper, outlet, etc., is a highly efficient, energy-saving, quick selection separation plant, mill for different purposes and have different structures. With the development of milling equipment manufacturing technology, there has been a lot of raw material vertical mill equipment and raw material vertical mill disc manufacturers on the market. The main features of the raw material vertical mill there, big used fixed stone crusher to achieve load start; high efficiency separator functions to adapt to different product fineness equipped; by turning roller device can be raw material vertical mill roller mill outside pulls, easy maintenance; configuration Sprinklers, easy and stable material layer, reducing the vertical mill vibration; hydraulic system operating pressure is low, stable mill operation and so on. Particularly raw material vertical mill roller mill employs four identical configuration, the main and auxiliary rollers can be switched at any chrome ore beneficiation south africa time, greatly enhancing the operation rate and high large size gyratory crusher product cost. Vertical mill with its excellent energy saving, environmental protection in the actual industrial production more and more applications. Vertical mill grinding process has been a qualitative change in X#%$@&, to provide a good energy saving equipment conditions. With the development of the cement industry, vertical mill for grinding raw material and not only coal, but also for grinding slag and cement, used in the cement industry more widely. In cement production line equipment, raw material vertical mill is an important host device, vital raw material vertical mill installation and commissioning of the construction of the entire production line and production line efficiency play. Here are a few cement industry on raw vertical mill installation requirements: a disc in the disc seat liner contact should be greater than 75%. 2. separator spindle housing relative to the reducer center deviation is 0.1mm / m. 3. grinding roller centerline on the centerline intersection reducer, deviation 0.5m. 4. Install the raw material vertical centerline of the roller mill is formed all coincide in reducer centerline deviation of 0.5m. 5. Hydraulic cylinder machine accumulator hydraulic system should be pressure tested, the test pressure is 1.25 times the nominal pressure. 6. reducer aspect center of the screen with the base frame chassis centerline deviation is 0.5m.
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Re: Raw Material Vertical Mill Rollers And Disc Installatio

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ciekawe, ciekawe..
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