Brief Conveyor Tensioning Device

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Brief Conveyor Tensioning Device

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function in order to ensure the normal operation of conveyor tensioning device potential of essential equipment. The role of conveyor tensioning device (1) to ensure that sufficient tension belt conveyor drive roller separation point, thus ensuring rely on friction drive friction traction drive unit must pass in order to promote the normal operation of the conveyor. (2) ensure that the most arrogant of lithium bearing split must be tension, limiting sag between conveyor rollers to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor, not because of the conveyor belt slack caused by slips, deviation and other phenomena . (3) changes in compensation and plastic deformation transient condition of conveyor belt elongation. Due to load changes will cause changes in the length of the conveyor belt occurs, the creep phenomenon will cause the conveyor belt elongation, so the tension is changed, you must constantly adjust the tension of the drum position, in order to ensure the normal operation of belt conveyor. (4) for the re-fitting the necessary conveyor travel preparations. Each conveyor has a number of joint problems may occur at a certain time on the streets, have a truncated redone, and then re-tensioning device can loosen joints to resolve. Tensioning device type belt conveyor (1) heavy hammer tensioning device tail change in small car, and the car weight suspended vertically attached to the drum is fixed, due to the weight of the hammer can be a constant value, so the belt tension, constant tension force, while the hammer portable jaw crusher in pakistan tensioned by gravity, can automatically compensate for the elongation of the belt, but the space it needs a large, large area, often subject to space limitations and can not use, easy to use in a fixed length distance transport. (2) Screw tensioning device closer to the drum bearing mounted on the mining equipment for ore surface processing movable frame, the movable frame can slide on the rail, rotating the auger and the movable rack nut advances and retreats together with the movable frame, to tension and relax purposes. Its structure is simple, but the trip is too small to apply only to the short-distance transport, and when the elongation of the belt itself, does not automatically tensioned. (3) The winch rope tensioning device of this type tensioning device is the use of small winch tension. Usually with worm gear crushing screening plant in south africa winch drum driven to wind the rope thus tensioning the belt. The advantage of this tensioning device is small, Rally, it is widely applied to the conveyor belt in the underground, but not self-tensioning.
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