Contrast Broken Jaw And Gyratory Crusher Machine

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Contrast Broken Jaw And Gyratory Crusher Machine

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first jaw crusher (jaw broken machine) is intermittently broken, so productivity is relatively low, shock and vibration, high energy consumption, product size is not as neat gyratory in south africa machines gold separator crusher. The advantage is that the height of the machine is small, simple structure, reliable, easy to manufacture and easy to maintain. The gyrating crusher is continuously broken, so do productivity, crusher more stable, lower energy consumption, more uniform particle size and so on. The disadvantage is that the machine up, institutional modification change in ball mill complexity, the cost of repairs to engage in manufacturing, base construction and maintenance of large investment is more complex. Gyratory crusher is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other sectors, mainly used in the first paragraph crushing various hardness materials. Especially in large-scale concentrator, which is a typical crushing equipment. However, some of the concentrator is also useful as a large jaw crusher crushing. Gyrating crusher product size characteristics: size characteristics broken products, for the operation of the crusher, the next selection or processing, and process design calculations are important. Factors affecting the size characteristics are: material properties, to feed fine grade content, crusher types, and other operations. Because of the lower jaw crusher productivity, and therefore a large concentrator is generally used as the first paragraph of gyrating crusher crushing, jaw crusher and crushing ratio is not as large gyratory crusher gyratory crusher ratio up 6 to 9.5, individual cases to 13.5. However, the average small processing plant and quarry, etc., the use of jaw crusher crushing as the first silica iron ore crusher indonesia paragraph. If the given case, nesting size and productivity measured in two models can meet the requirements, you can according to the process used in crushing crusher, investment, infrastructure and many other measure to determine. These belong to the selection of design tasks, here is just to choose its own characteristics compare crusher from. Either think crusher, according to the basic specifications of the crusher product specification requirements more realistic, we should first meet feed size, nesting size and productivity requirements. This article by bucket wheel sand washing machine, jaw crusher manufacturers website editor published!
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