Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve Used in The Activated Carbon Ind

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Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve Used in The Activated Carbon Ind

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Activated carbon is dominated by carbon-containing substances as raw materials, high temperature carbonization and activation obtained hydrophobic adsorbent. Contains a lot of microporous activated carbon with a huge surface area, can effectively remove color, odor, can remove two out of the water most organic contaminants and certain minerals, contain certain toxic heavy metals. Factors affecting the activated carbon adsorption are: characteristics of activated carbon; characteristics and concentration of adsorbed material; PH value of wastewater; suspended solids and other characteristics; contact system and operating methods. Ultrasonic vibration sieve shaker is a derivative product, the ultrasonic controller combined with shaker organic together, based on years of research Tahan mechanical production DH series rotary vibration sieve on the screen superimposed on top of a high-frequency low amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration waves, ultra-fine ultrasound accept huge acceleration, the screen surface of the material remains in suspension. Ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts four points in the activated carbon industry Experimental research on shear fracture damage in the form of high performance recycled concrete shear fracture, cracks and other damage development trends and the basic parameters of shear fracture phenomena, such as the destruction of the sample load - displacement curve, fracture energy, fracture angle, fracture toughness, etc., through the analysis of these basic parameters of ultrasonic vibration sieve, activated carbon, the study in order to better understand the recycled concrete silver mining process equipment type Ⅱ fracture properties, fractal characteristics and shear section analyzed . 1, activated carbon ultrasonic vibration sieve four-point shear tests have difficulty study found that in the test, the test phenomenon, the result has a relatively large impact on pre-loaded pitch crack from the specimen flatness, etc., such as test crack tip in the design of the incision should be two simultaneous occurrence of the crack tip of development, that should be on both sides of the crack, but charcoal ultrasonic vibration sieve test results appear only unilateral crack crack development. 2, the test found that the activated carbon ultrasonic vibrating screen for unilateral shear fracture crack crack development, failure mode is also divided into three different damage, first, before you crack through unilateral cuts crack with external load increased and stable expansion, when the crack to a certain extent, the expansion of the track from the first crack in a diagonal direction quickly turned parallel to the load direction, then formed through the cracks, specimen damage; Second, activated ultrasonic vibration sieve crack initiation at the notch tip after Since there is a large aggregate blocking effect on the development path of the crack, the crack path is supposed to make the development of an interruption in the aggregate at the crack to bypass the larger aggregate and sustainable development along the upward direction of the initial crack until crack crusher machine mobile in gujarat penetration; Third, with the advent of the activated carbon pre-notch tip ultrasonic vibrating sieve fine cracks and development, beginning with the crack in the form of development above the first crusher size 25mm to sand crack of the same model, but with the continued expansion of this crack to a certain extent, the other end of the slit under the action of prefabricated shear plane is also a large stress cracks and cracks in the main direction toward the first development and ultimately through the intersection. 3, high-performance activated carbon regeneration ultrasonic vibration sieve recycled aggregate concrete linear relationship does not exist between the rate and the shear fracture angle fracture, fracture angle of the test specimen made were between approximately 60 ° -72 °, Activated carbon ultrasonic vibration sieve size fracture angle with distance from the main point and pre-loaded cracks and coarse aggregate size and other factors. Ultrasonic vibrating screen frame: ultrasonic shaker Power:
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