Circular Vibrating Screen Performance Analysis And Presenta

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Circular Vibrating Screen Performance Analysis And Presenta

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What is circular vibrating screen, how to distinguish it good or bad, what to buy for their own circular vibrating screen ... and so, I believe that this series of problems plaguing many certainly responsible for the procurement of friends, now let Han shaker factory team of experts to answer it for everyone. First, the definition of a round circular vibrating screen vibrating screen mainly consists of screen box, exciter, suspension (or support) device and the motor and other components. Electric motor through V-belt drive the exciter shaft rotation, due to the centrifugal force of the unbalanced weight of the shaker so that vibrating screen box. Changing the exciter eccentric weight, get different amplitudes. Circular vibrating screen is a circular vibrating doing, fly ash beneficiation process multiple layers, efficient new shaker. Second, the main advantages of the circular vibrating screen: 1, due to strong vibration sieve box, reducing the clogging of the sieve material phenomenon, so sieve with high screening efficiency and productivity. 2, simple structure, easy removable screen surface. Third, the performance characteristics: 1, circular vibrating screen adopts the barrel type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block help to adjust amplitude, ease of use and maintenance. 2, circular vibrating screen adopts spring steel woven mesh or perforated screen, long life, easy to plug holes. 3, circular vibrating screen with rubber isolation spring, long life, low noise, smooth and so on through the resonance region. Fourth, for the industry: Chemical industry: resin, paint, industrial chemicals, cosmetics, paint, medicine powder. Food industry: sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk, soy milk, egg, soy sauce, fruit juice. Metals, Mining: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, the electrode powder, manganese dioxide, copper powder, magnetic power, abrasives, refractory materials, kaolin, lime, aluminum oxide, carbonate, heavy calcium, silica sand. Pollution treatment: waste oil, waste water, wastewater dyeing, chemicals, activated carbon characteristics. Five, circular vibrating screen material classification and disadvantages come from the material distinction circular vibrating screen can be divided into stainless steel shaker and shaker, both advantages and disadvantages as follows: 1, stainless steel shaker advantages: corrosion resistance, heat resistance , low temperature strength and good mechanical properties. Good deep drawing, bending at room temperature processing performance, will not harden after heat treatment. Disadvantages: the construction process is relatively high, high raw material costs, the price is high. 2, carbon steel shaker disadvantages Advantages: strength carbon steel, low hardness, high ductility, toughness, good weldability, malleable, can punch good, low cost, high performance range. Disadvantages: intensity, no corrosion, non-magnetic stainless steel circular vibrating screen features exquisite appearance, with anti-corrosive, general hygiene requirements for industries with high food and medicine, as well as chemicals and other corrosive product screen sub-process, antimony metal processing south africa of course, if you look relatively high, then the stainless steel shaker is your only choice, environmental requirements are relatively low. The steel shaker used for non-corrosive, and product appearance and health screening is not required, since its low price, welcomed by customers. These are the Han circular vibrating screen vibrating machinery for a brief analysis and classification, hope you read can be harvested, when roller crusher for sand making the selection screen machine can produce more according to their needs to purchase, if the usage is sieve sub-questions are welcome to inquire 15893808811 Wang.
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