Mine Shaker Affected By The Following Random Factors

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Mine Shaker Affected By The Following Random Factors

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » pn 22 gru 2014 03:11

Because mine shaker in the manufacture, installation, operation and other aspects of the inevitable presence of a large number of random factors, using stochastic dynamic model to better reveal the influence of random factors, the actual structure of the existence of dynamics and response generation, and now There are studies on mine shaker random kinetic analysis has not been reported. This paper proposes a mine shaker stochastic dynamics research, the main research contents are as follows: 1, mine shaker dynamics performance experiments. (1) Rubber spring stiffness characteristics of the experiment. Load deformation curve obtained through experiment, research nonlinear properties of the rubber spring stiffness. Based on the experimental data, the application of strain energy theory, nonlinear rubber spring constitutive equations and nonlinear finite element analysis model. Approximate rigidity region experimental results of the analysis presented is based on the establishment of an alternative model of rubber spring linear analysis, the study of linear model accuracy scope. Rubber springs and dampers than the experimental density test. (2) mine shaker performance overall structural dynamics experiments. Modal frequencies of mine test analysis shaker, signal acquisition through analysis and processing, mining research modal frequency vibrating screen structure for ore direct dynamic performance evaluation shaker structure, as well as to verify the theory and numerical model results provide the basis for rationality. 2, randomized study of mine shaker with a kinetic model. Conduct research on mine shaker random structural dynamics model, stochastic dynamics theory and the finite element method to come together to establish mine shaker stochastic dynamic grinding mills in south africa finite element analysis model for mine shaker stochastic dynamics model The key issue, Beam - shell element model, Liang app - the shell element model of the dynamics and kinetics of ore shaker structural response analysis, the marble granite crushing machine analysis and experimental results of traditional solid element model to simulate the results of comparison and, verify the accuracy and efficiency of finite element analysis model. 3, based on stochastic dynamic model of mine shaker modal frequency variation analysis. Applications griddle random vibration dynamics model with dynamic characteristics of ore analysis, research rubber spring elastic modulus, density rubber springs, rubber springs Poisson's ratio, steel density and modulus of elasticity of steel shaker structure parameters, separate random and Meanwhile random, the mine shaker mean modal frequencies and a lower-order moments of significance and variability copper mining equipment south africa of quantitative second moment in the sense of describing, analyzing variability variation, and to study the modal frequency variation rate of change of the parameter sensitive degree. 4, the structural parameters of random variability in the mine when the dynamic response analysis shaker. Applications mine shaker random kinetic model, consider the rubber spring elastic modulus, density rubber springs, rubber spring damper, steel density and modulus of elasticity of steel and simultaneous random random parameters alone, the study of mine shaker amplitude and the main structure dynamic stress random variation law in response to the results of different parameters random conditions, the mutation rate in response to changes in the sensitivity analysis of the degree of structural parameters. 5, when the mine random excitation parameters dynamic response variability analysis shaker.
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