How To Extend The Life Of The Shaker?

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How To Extend The Life Of The Shaker?

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » pn 15 gru 2014 18:10

shaker is widely used in stone production, metallurgy, refractory materials, coal and other fields. Shaker not a large device, but the fault frequency vibrating screen is the highest, because the vibration of the vibration device itself is a destructive conduct scientific use of a product. First, the electric motor turning error in the debug motor steering, site operators based on past experience with single-axis shaker or line screen, as long as the cuttings to move forward on the line, but this method does not apply to balanced elliptical shaker. If the motor is rotated inward mistake, though also a forward projection angle 45 °, but gypsum block powder production line the cuttings have to scroll backward force, then transport the cuttings forward speed is much slower in the sieve to stay a long time, even cause cuttings can not be discharged. Solution: 1, when the screen box operation, press the stop button electronic control box, then shaker will slowly stop, observe the oval track dots on the side panel operation during the formation of the shaker, to the mouth of the rolling sand To correct the steering; 2, remove the vibrator shield, check whether all apricot eccentric rotation to the outside; 3, exchange electronic control box into the line supply in any two-phase lines, sprinkle some sand in the screen above, volleyball sand i.e. a faster right direction. Second, CLAY vibration amplitude is too small, under difficult conditions sieving polymer drilling fluid, can not overcome the cuttings (clay) of viscous forces, resulting in the accumulation of cuttings in a sieve and rapid damage to the screen. Solution: 1, increasing the amplitude of vibration; 2, with a spray of water will mesh and cuttings, reducing the viscosity of the cuttings, but this method is only suitable for the occasion allows the addition of water; 3, adjust the exhaust port side of the mesh sand downward angle conducive cuttings discharged by gravity, but may cause the pulp to run; 4, replacing the sieve mesh or screen flow adjusting unit, to ensure the flow of the drilling fluid near the dead point of the outlet screen, so that the drill cuttings in the drilling Under the uk used mining compressor for sale smooth discharge of lubricating fluid. Third, the screen and the screen frame fit is not tight mesh sieve support can not be reliably after contact with the strip wear; no reasonable screen taut. Fourth, poor quality screen mesh sieve generally have the upper layer and the lower layer by force, requiring close fit between these two layers, if the mesh pre-tensioning process is poor, when the stress level at the bottom of the screen stretch When tight, screening layer is mining crushers for sell in zimbabwe not taut, the work force throw cuttings greatly reduced, can not be discharged cuttings.
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