List Of Thorny Issues Facing The Industry Shaker

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List Of Thorny Issues Facing The Industry Shaker

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In today's society, 80 percent of the demand sieve shaker manufacturers that already approaching saturation, so that sales of the device to the test, so some companies to change production plans, production of other equipment to rare earth separation in china balance production, then the fact that in the end is not so? Our analysis of the market with years of experience to draw the following conclusions: First, the device lag, lack of innovation; currently screening machine production technology still in the eight, between the nineties, most enterprises are counterfeit equipment, enterprise In particular, the need for change and innovation in the vibration mode of material to work hard, the other good news is: Scope screen more widely, to offset some of the negative factors of market competition; second, the screening machine manufacturers and compete more intense; this led directly to the profit reduction equipment; (3) screening device naming is not standardized, not even a unified executable standards, resulting in poor compatibility between manufacturers of products, in the long south africa cone crusher for sale run, is not conducive to the development of the industry, and even restrict development of the industry; Fourth, the lack of screening machine industry standard nature; the standard system, the standard X#%$@& and methods as well as technical content and so there is a gap with advanced countries in the world; they wanted to further research directions are: product safety, environmental protection standardization of indicators, resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of new areas; five, many manufacturers only on production, not heavy trade needs; along with economic development; market increasingly demanding standardization work; and our current emphasis on standards in the manufacturing requirements of the production process, materials, technology requirements, but ignored the delivery acceptance conditions, security, performance, reliability and other trade requirements. Xinxiang shaker Factory has 20 years of experience in production and sales of screening equipment in recent years, the company's various technology screening equipment constantly updated. Constantly optimize the performance and quality, the series screening equipment are: three yuan vibration sieve, ZP series of vertical screens, NC standard test sieve machine, standard test sieve, high frequency screen, ZSG Mine shaker, XBZS bomb arm sieve, SZF series linear aggregate crushing plant processing sieve, guarantee quality, shaker price favorably, if necessary, please contact:
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