The Importance Of Waste Resources And Construction Waste Se

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The Importance Of Waste Resources And Construction Waste Se

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construction industry, vibrating screen is widely used in the processing of waste concrete secondary screening, screening working X#%$@& of ball mill is a key step in the processing of stone formation sand, its thickness and grade distribution is directly related to the density of sand and gravel from bricks making machines in kenya the big point that also affects the engineering safety and operational efficiency. Construction sand industry, China's current domestic situation: the rapid growth of demand for cement concrete, concrete waste a lot of produce so that our resources, energy and environmental problems have become increasingly serious. Concrete production of 2 billion m3, 800 million tons of cement to be used, need to consume more than 3.6 billion tons of natural sand and gravel. Per ton of cement manufacture consumes 0.95 to 0.98 tons of limestone, manufacturing one ton of clinker about approximately one ton of CO2 emissions, but also produce large amounts of sulfides, nitrides, and other harmful gases and dust. Concrete stone is widely distributed resources, but for many years so that the exploitation of resources shortage situation, which leads to soil erosion in some areas and deterioration of the ecological landscape, sustainable development and the continuation of adverse biological survival. Another serious problem is: construction waste, waste accumulation, and no reasonable secondary use. These resources Ye Hao, Ye Hao waste issues raised are relevant units need to attract attention to the need for a reasonable recycling. Measures to improve the above-mentioned problems are: to handle different types and levels of concrete, recycled concrete to get artificial stone has a certain mechanical properties and particle size distribution of these processes are: sorting, crushing and screening, etc., for example: According to concrete density and stone crushing plant supplier south africa water absorption and other indicators were screened with a shaker, the inclusion in the original timber of reinforced concrete and other debris removed. After crushing waste concrete processing, manufacture of regenerated stone edges more, surface roughness, density, water absorption, high bonding capacity is weak, there is a lot of internal microcracks. Yu Zhen production shaker for secondary screening construction industry waste has achieved good results, you are welcome to plant commissioning, inquiry, free choice Tel:
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