Approved Air Screen in The Application Of A Fine Powder

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Approved Air Screen in The Application Of A Fine Powder

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present, China's ultra-fine powder industry, more and more manufacturers, and on the fineness of the material requirements are more stringent. Especially in electronic materials, fine chemicals, advanced ceramics industry, food and pharmaceutical industries is extremely prominent. Therefore, Han shaker manufacturers also developed a special air flow sieve, horizontal air screening machines and other sophisticated screening equipment, which means the shaker industry is a major step forward. Although air screen is only in recent years developed a new product, but also to meet the air flow sieve produced many users, this is not only a positive air flow sieve, or air screening machine an important turning point in the future development of the road. Therefore, screen flow path of development in the future or grinding limestone production line will easily be more people small scale stone crushing plant to accept. In the shaker industry shaker for screening material is still a lot of demands, such as the proportion of the material, viscosity, chemical characteristics, etc., for the proportion of lighter materials, especially large mesh material, is not an ordinary shaker The material sieved out. And Xinxiang vibratory screening machine manufacturers Tahan mechanical vibration sieve abandon the production of material gravity flow through net operating X#%$@&, the X#%$@& of using air as the kinetic energy of the job. Negative airflow through the material mixed with air, into the sifter wind wheel in the middle, by the centrifugal force exerted by the rotor blades, buckets jet over the net to the screen, after collecting volute. Oversize material can not be over the net, by automatic nesting discharge port, so as to achieve the purpose of screening lesser proportion of powder materials. Han brand airflow sieve fineness can range within 80-500 mesh powder material good continuous screening, the screen can be arbitrarily replaced. Airflow sieve machine (air screening machine) high efficiency, yield, fineness accurate, no oversized mixed-level phenomenon, screen stand pretend not load, coal grinding equipment for sale in south africa long life, adapt to a wide range of fineness, fully enclosed structure, no dust Fugitive, low noise, low energy consumption, continuous operation, easy maintenance.
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