The Main Role Of The Bucket Elevator Dual Channel

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The Main Role Of The Bucket Elevator Dual Channel

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bucket elevator depict the body in two ways, one is usually single-channel models, the other is a dual-channel models. The so-called dual-channel bucket elevator means of enclosure is depicted as two channels, one side is feeding, another channel after the hopper discharge downstream. TH chain bucket elevator, TD-belt bucket elevator, NE plate chain bucket elevator, HL chain type. Bucket elevator Central cabinet sub-single, dual two forms. Dual mainly to strengthen the intensity impact crusher with magnetic separator of the whole middle section, the general is a single-channel bucket elevator hopper uplink and downlink channels are in an inner cabinet. Dual bucket elevator under the same conditions, the amount of lift than single-channel high vertical hoist lifting capacity of about 30%. The user providing the required daily / h the amount of lift, lifting height in the future, if the standardized machine bucket elevator lift amount and the lift amount of user requirements are very similar, then the two channels can be chosen to enhance the machine. Users can save both money invested, it is possible to enhance the amount of user satisfaction requirements. For example, to enhance the amount of user requirements 15 cubic meters per hour, if a single channel with a mobile gold processing plant south africa general belt bucket elevator TD160, hourly lift capacity is 13 cubic meters, reach the user's requirements, and use TD250-bucket hoist lifting capacity is able to reach 25 cubic meters per hour, far exceeding the amount of lift of the user's requirements, and TD250 type bucket elevator price to more than TD160 type a lot, together with the energy consumption is also much higher. So TD160 Dual belt bucket elevator confidential higher than the average TD160 upgrade about 30%, so the user can be completely satisfied with the amount of lift requirements, and the price is going to drop a lot more than sand drying equipment south africa TD250 type. So Dual bucket elevator is mainly based on the amount of users to enhance the selection, standardized bucket elevator does not reach the requirements, dual-channel type bucket elevator is exactly in the middle part of the two specifications, user satisfaction different amount of lift requirements.
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