Are Ultrasonic Vibration Sieve 'To Blame'

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Are Ultrasonic Vibration Sieve 'To Blame'

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shaker is the use of mechanical X#%$@& for screening, breaking the traditional manual operations, so that screening has become so simple, and ultrasonic vibration sieve is on mechanical X#%$@& vibrating screen, superimposed ultrasound screening system, vibrating screen and words, it is a menace to make screening more ease. Ultrasonic vibrating sieve shaker Xinxiang City Factory Co., Ltd. under the special screening of materials, developed ultra-fine powders dedicated S49C ultrasonic vibrator, brought no change in the single-frequency adaptive and non-adjustable, real ultrasound and shaker combine to achieve the performance and exceed the level of similar products. Solve the strong absorption, easy agglomeration, high static, high-precision, high-density, light specific gravity screening problems, with superior performance! Achieve a major breakthrough in the performance of ultrasonic vibration sieve. Yu Zhen developed ultrasound screening system capable of screening the general concrete crushing machine for sale vibratory screening machine can not be separated from the heavy, light, ultra-fine, strong adsorption powder. Almost valid for all hard sized powder. Yu Zhen ultrasonic vibration sieve company working characteristics are as follows: 1, ultrasonic resonant power supply using digital microcomputer chip work transducer frequency automatic tracking control, the entire ultrasound system remains one of the best in the resonant condition. 2, for different properties of different materials, different design for your screening and control methods. 3, to prevent clogging of 40-600 mesh, and therefore to prolong the life of the screen. 4, does not quartz grinding mill for sale change the characteristics of the material. Ultrasonic vibrating sieve Scope: In powder coatings, paints, abrasives (silicon carbide, corundum, silicon powder), rubber chemicals, metal powders (titanium, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, tin, alloys, etc.), medicine, food, Additives \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; \u0026 turnkey crushing loading plant indonesia hellip ;, have been widely used. Yu Zhen welcome to call the hotline:
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