Ball Mill, Efficient Separator Used in Cement Grinding Syst

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Ball Mill, Efficient Separator Used in Cement Grinding Syst

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » śr 26 lis 2014 18:11

ball mill, high efficiency separator in cement grinding system application of small scale stone crushing plant long-term commitment to the ball mill, cement grinding cement grinding system optimization and development work. After a long research and improvement, made a lot of useful results and technological achievements are: ball mill for structural optimization, improved diaphragms and linings, optimize grinding gradation, improved feed, a gate, bearing crushing equipment made in germany structure and lubrication systems, etc., so that the specifications in size. Over the years, the development separator equipment in recent years, the O-Sepa separator on the basis of the introduction, through the digestion, absorption, improve the formation of different uses, multiple series of efficient cage separator. Cement mill system by efficiently cage separator, ball mill efficiency baghouses and composed, polished cement particle size distribution is more reasonable than the same high strength cement surface area, with selected high powder efficiency, low power consumption , high yield, and equipment operation and reliable performance, has a lot of choice in the design. Taking into account the requirements of the ISO standard to increase the fineness of cement or admixture, in order to meet the market demand, the development of ultra-fine classifier, the separator has been used on a Gezhouba Cement mill Φ2.2 × 11m, and produce 8000cm2-11000cm2 / g of cement and slag, power consumption of approximately 140kWh / t (1000cm2 / g) has been a tributary of the Yangtze River Water Conservancy dam Taplow stamp mill manufacturers in south africa produce less than 5-6 \u0026 micro; m and accounted for more than 95% of the total product to give praise in use. Solve the technical problems in producing high fine products, such classifiers can be used for different production scale mill, but also for other related industries.
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