Vibratory Screening Machine in The Convenience Food Industr

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Vibratory Screening Machine in The Convenience Food Industr

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convenience foods means easy to carry, easy to eat and easy storage features such as food, convenience food raw materials are mainly used in rice, flour, grains and so on. However, these raw materials in the process there will be some unavoidable impurities (such as raw shell, sealing line, certificate, etc.); so if they would be incorporated into the above impurities on taste and quality of the food produced in sand stone production line the process of production of convenience food effects, therefore, are constantly vibrating screening machines are used in convenience foods in the process. The following are the main features of vibratory screening machine: 1, sieve classification: hierarchical name suggests is the material sorted various specifications of the finished product. 2, marble grinding bowl made in germany removal of impurities: This is mainly used in all kinds of fine chemicals, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical production. 3, the solid-liquid separation: that is, some solid or liquid contained in the residue is separated. Factory Ltd. Xinxiang shaker designed for the convenience food industry developed a versatile, suitable for rapid, large amounts of fine particulate material grading screening machine (vertical screen). The machine has a single motor and dual motor two power arrangement. Its most important feature: the material stays in the sifter in a short time, the material quickly, fitters bits can be lower. Depending on the conditions of use, can be vertical-type hydraulic cone crusher in stone production line shaker for targeted modification in order to achieve lighten labor intensity and other issues, improve production efficiency.
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