450 Filter Screen in Terms Of The Advantages Of The Liquid

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450 Filter Screen in Terms Of The Advantages Of The Liquid

Postautor: aggregatecrushing » ndz 16 lis 2014 13:22

liquid materials for screening, Yu Zhen is recommended that you use the filter screen 450, the advantages of this device are: 1. Changer, easy how to crush chalk into powder to operate, easy to clean, easy to plug; 2. High screening efficiency, powder, mucus-like material is equally applicable; 3. Unique grid design; long screen life; 4. Automated operations, impurities coarse material can be automatically discharged; 5. As a single screen, the unit yield less, but more suitable for filtering a large amount of material. For a slightly larger amount of material you can use liquid material vibration sieve, Yu Zhen three yuan vibration sieve compared to 450 filter screen features are: compact design, excellent quality, wide range of uses. 1. Combo mesh grid so that longer life changer for 3-5 minutes fast, easy to operate, easy to clean; 2, easy maintenance, single crusher for limestone production in nigeria or multi-use can be, and material contact parts of stainless steel (except for medical use); 3, screen does not block, powder does not fly, the finest screening up to 500 mesh (28 micron) filter the smallest up to 5 microns. Liquid materials used three times per shaker and 450 stainless steel filter screen is generally used; the best vibration motor with flange, silicone parts, punching sieve, solid grid and so on. Yu Zhen has 20 years of experience in the second hand sand washing plants south africa production of shaker sales in recent years, the company's technology screening equipment constantly updated. On the performance and quality of continuous optimization. For more information, please visit
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