Attributes Of Vm- Vertical Grinding Mill

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Attributes Of Vm- Vertical Grinding Mill

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23A new type of grinding mill-VM- vertical grinding mill manufactured by * are going to be getting the crucial purpose during the mill market.1. Lower functioning cost:(1) It has higher grinding effectiveness, the mill adopts roller and substance mattress to portable copper ore crusher press and grind elements. It's small in consumption, and its electricity consumption proportion can be 40% to 50% lower, with increasing of moisture of raw resources, electricity saving can be more obvious.(2)Lower wear of mental, side plate and roller are of special resources, long life span, which is able to reduce managing charge and generate higher utilizing ratio;(3)Exterior circulation device is installed, which is able to reduce electricity consumption further.(4)Size of feeding content is big, which is about 5% of roller's diameter, generally 40-100mm, thus secondary crushing can be eliminated because of big and medium vertical mill.2. Lower construction expense:(1)The vertical mill is simple in process. Comparing with ball mill, its soil using can be about 50% reduced, construction expense can be reduced by about 70%, which is small in construction area and space.(2)The vertical mill is a combination of crushing, drying, milling, grading and transferring, which has simple system and compact structure. It can be allocated inside the open air and its construction expense might be lower.3. Operation is easy and reliable(one) Automatic controlling device is installed, which can enable long distance control and is simple in operation.(2)There is a device to prevent direct contact between roller and mill plate, which can prevent the equipment from fragmentation serious vibration. 4. It's powerful drying ability, the vertical mill adopts air to transfer resources, while grinding materials with higher moisture, wind-entering temperature can be controlled, which is able to prepare products to the final moisture requirement, materials with moisture of up to 12 to 15 percent can be dried inside the vertical mill. Even drying calcite powder processing mill manufacturer ball mill is only able to dry products with moisture of 3 to 4 percent.5. It's got stable quality, even grain used stone crusher in south africa and grade. Elements stop a short period inside the mill, which is helpful for testing and controlling of products' grain and chemical composition and stable quality of products.6. Easy to maintain, after testing, cylinder, turn rotating arm, roller, liner can be changed in a short time.7. Environmental, and energy saving; it's got small swing, very low noise, less dust, which has clean operating environment and is adaptable to environmental requirements.
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